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Watch this. One little piece of paper
can have a remarkable effect - stress.
is stressful but if you understand a bit about what it is
You will be better able to deal with it. First though,
take a few deep breaths in fact
do that anytime you feel stressed it helps.
Stress is a survival mechanism
when danger appears, it can get you out of trouble
quickly, Your body crashes up the gears
and throws all its resources into getting you moving your heart pumps
furiously to increase blood pressure
Glucose is sent to the muscles as fuel injection
and you become totally focused on what psychologists call
fight or flight.
Thing is, this emergency state is only meant to last
just long enough get you out of danger but here in the 21st century
we stress about different things and for much much longer
your brain and body stay on red alert
and you will be less able to think clearly, learn,
or remember things take a few more
deep breaths because as you now know
stress is a physical reaction and deep breathing
helps to counteract its effects. So,
what else can you do? Okay top tips to reduce stress
first get plenty of exercise
let out all the locked up energy now
back to the problem get in control
scope out the situation and how you're going to tackle it
don't stress alone talk to someone
socialize and have a laugh
you can't laugh and quake with fear at the same time
get down with nature, on a big
or small-scale and if your mind won't stop worrying
get something else to do instead.
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Managing Stress - BBC Brainsmart Series

9812 Folder Collection
Jeng-Lan Lee published on July 12, 2015
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