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  • one.

  • Can you take one of these and hide it under a bush?

  • MicronT and my husband is a Republican, and I think this has created a little bit of friction between us because I don't like, uh, Trump.

  • Laura Hunter and her husband, John, straddle a political divide that in a divisive time, might have rest their relationship.

  • She didn't tell me she was a Democrat when I married her.

  • Uh, once again, I was tricked.

  • The green go was tricked.

  • Okay, But the two have found a common cause greater than their partisan disagreements saving lives.

  • Laura, who was born in Mexico, and John running organization, called Water Stations, which places barrels of water throughout California's Anza Borrego Desert for migrants crossing illegally into the United States.

  • John the Republican founded water stations 21 years ago.

  • Well, back in 2000, there were a whole lot of deaths in the desert and they were dying because they dehydration.

  • This is in this sector here, in a funny way.

  • I actually admire the guy has to come across more than the average person because they go through a lot more work.

  • There was I was born here.

  • I was lucky to be born here in the States where we had great freedom and great opportunities.

  • But the guys down south of here don't have the same opportunities just because their system is different.

  • So if I was one of them, I've become in north to Laura joined the group as a volunteer and later, Mary John.

  • We are non political and non religious organizations, so that's why we attract different people from different walks off life.

  • But all of us have the same purpose.

  • The same goal.

  • To help reduce the heat related deaths on this area.

  • Let me let me give you a kiss.

  • But the Haider faces with the Mexican hand.

  • Yeah, there you go, John told Reuters.

  • Politics didn't come up much until Donald Trump stopped the White House and began calling Mexicans rapists and criminals, uh, the part where Trump's had those things.

  • Well, if the fact is, I think he did kick a hornet's nest there, and, uh, my wife obviously is not a not a Trump in order to put it mildly, John didn't vote for Trump in 2016 which he said was out of respect for his wife.

  • But he does plan to vote for him this year, saying he likes that Trump is not a typical politician.

  • So I I appreciate that.

  • It's refreshing to find a guy who is himself, even if he's a jerk, We have to agree to disagree.

  • That's what I told my husband, not because I think different than he does, makes me wrong or because he doesn't think the way I think it makes him wrong.

  • No, we are two separate people.

  • He's a man.

  • I'm a woman and we have different points of view.

  • Different ideas, different opinions.

  • Differences aside, Laura and John remain united in their mission to help those less fortunate, no matter where they come from.


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