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Hello everybody, my name is Tripp from trippadvice.com and today we're
talking about how to avoid the friend zone:
part 2
In the previous video, I went over three reasons why you're in the friend zone
and I want to go over those one-by-one, but today let's start off with flirting
and intentions.
and let's talk about how those can help you avoid the friend zone. Remember I told
you that you have to state your intentions? So what does this mean? This
means you have to tell her that you like her. I'll admit I was guilty of this for
years. I was afraid to tell girls that I was interested in them.
And then what happened?
So how do you do this? Easy.
The next time you meet or see a girl you're interested in, your interested
You have to flirt with her. Now flirting comes in many different forms.
Compliments. That dress on you looks spectacular.
Minor teasing. You are a trouble maker. I've got to watch myself around you. And last
but not least
is touching. Now you want to start this off right when you meet her whether it
be a high five
one maybe a sensual handshake which means you're holding deep eye contact
with her.
Or maybe you pull in for a hug because in the middle of conversation she says
something you think is cool. This stuff works like a charm. The next part to
making it clear that you're avoiding the friend zone is to ask her out on a date.
And yes, you must use that word, "date." D-A-T-E. Date.
You have to make it clear that you're in this for more than a friendship. Got it?
So if you know anybody that's having trouble with the friend zone
than do them a favor and send them this video. And I want to hear about your
best flirting move. What's some stuff that you've been using that's worked
like a charm. Leave a comment below and let's hear all about it. You can also find
me on Facebook and on Twitter
and of course you can always like the video right here and
And of course all the action is happening
at my website trippadvice.com so go there right now,
get your free copy of my e-book, "Ten Simple and Unknown Dating Tips to
Increase Attraction." So go download a copy right now
and I'll see you guys
next time.
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How to Avoid the Friend Zone: Flirting & Intentions (Part 2 of 4)

2103 Folder Collection
泰ㄝ published on August 17, 2013
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