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  • Any true relationships between friends or significant others should be one between equals.

  • You give and take equally.

  • One’s person’s needs aren’t met over another’s.

  • Friends and partners are supposed to give your energy, lift you up when youre down and want the best for you.

  • But sometimes, we get into relationships that drain energy from us.

  • These are toxic relationships and they can negatively affect all aspects of our lives.

  • On this week’s WellCast, were gonna show you how you can tell if ever youre in a toxic relationship

  • and then, were gonna help you extricate yourself from that unhealthy situation pronto.

  • Selfie 1: Diagnose the relationship

  • How do you know for a friend or a partner’s bringing you down?

  • Well, in much the same way that you know that youre coming down with a cold.

  • Toxic relationships come with symptoms.

  • When youre around this person, how do you feel?

  • Here are few other questions you should ask yourself if youre thinking you might be in a toxic situation.

  • Does my friend put me down all the time?

  • Are they jealous when I spend time with others?

  • Do they constantly bring out parts of me that they wanna change?

  • Do they take more than they give?

  • Am I only doing the things that they want to do?

  • Selfie 2: Recognize your role in the relationship.

  • As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Nobody can make you feel INFERIOR without your consent.”

  • Alright, look, we know we got that fromPrincess Diariesobviously.

  • Moving on, listen! You have autonomy in every relationship in your life.

  • If your friend or partner is stealing your sunshine,

  • you need to figure out what youre doing to allow them to do this.

  • Are you being a doormat?

  • Are you putting this person’s emotional needs ahead of your own health?

  • Selfie 3: Start to build BOUNDARIES for this relationship.

  • Does your friend invites himself over at all hours in the night?

  • Are they constantly bossing you around?

  • Are they always borrowing money from you?

  • Alright, once you know the boundary that you want to set,

  • stick to it. Draw your line in the sand.

  • Selfie 4: Recognize you can’t change other people. But you can stop being a doormat.

  • But you can stop being a doormat.

  • If youve determined that a friendship or a relationship is toxic,

  • you know that you have to change the nature of that relationship.

  • Start by spending less time with that person and do your best to detach yourself emotionally.

  • Hopefully setting boundaries will help you begin to face this relationship out.

  • Selfie 5: Get a second opinion.

  • Especially if youre emotionally vulnerable,

  • the best you can do is surround yourself with people who love you and who want you to be happy and healthy.

  • Use them as a lifeline during this time.

  • Selfie 6: Above all else, look out for yourself.

  • Studies have shown that people with low self-esteem are far more likely to find themselves in toxic relationships.

  • You will never be treated with love and respect unless you absolutely believe that you deserve these things.

  • Remember, you teach people how to treat you.

  • So do yourself a favor of loving yourself.

  • That’s the first step to any relationship.

  • To recap, if you have diagnosed yourself as being in a toxic relationship,

  • the first step is recognizing this.

  • Then, recognizing your role in a relationship.

  • Once you do this, you can start to set boundaries for this relationship and change the way you interact with this person.

  • To help, surround yourself with people who love you.

  • And above all else, look out for yourself.

  • Well, that’s all from me today, WellCasters.

  • Would you do me your kindness?

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  • See you later!

Any true relationships between friends or significant others should be one between equals.

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Wellcast - Toxic People: How to End a Bad Relationship

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