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I wish I could rewind and go back in time and show this to my younger self and sell her.
That's gonna be okay.
Eventually, you're gonna be a Barbie.
I feel like a plus.
Esperance is I feel like a cupcake.
I feel like a glitter bomb.
I personally do feel like Tyra Banks right now.
What's that movie?
Life size?
Yeah, I feel like I'm about to have the best keys an era and invite Barbie and Ken and Skipper.
I think Barbie, by having a size inclusive collection, is saying that any woman can be Barbie.
It's who's inside and not so much that plastic figure.
It's about damn way been here.
I think Barbie is saying, I see you like a ladies everywhere.
It's important that you see yourself in me.
I think it's healthy for young women to understand that there are plenty of different body shapes.
Back when I had my prom, they couldn't find a dress in my size.
This kind of makes me happy.
Like to be able to think about what it would have been like if I would have to dress like this to wear to my prom.
Is this the whole thing that, like, you can dress exactly like your Barbie because I might have to take this.
Oh, my God.
It's my sister.
Should have a crown girl.
We twins.
No shoes.
Girl, you can't go out of the house without a fancy hell on.
I don't know.
I'm like, emotional.
I'm kind of the opposite of Barbie.
I have dark hair, tattoos and plus size.
It's surreal because, like when I was younger and I couldn't fit into the my size Barbie doll dresses like, you know, like they had the Barbies that came with the just for you To where I could never fit those who have always been like a chubby kids.
I never thought I would see this in my lifetime.
Barbie and I have the same dress.
How did that happen?
Wow, she doesn't have to deal with the sequence.
I went to prom and I had a address that was all Sequins on the top and my under arms were like raw.
By the end of the night, I was like, This was a huge mistake.
I thought I was gonna have, like, some issue right here because of the sequence.
But it feels really comfortable.
I do feel like I could start a fire with my armpits right now.
That's just something that you're gonna have to deal with is a choice.
Maybe, you know, do some tricks, extra deodorant.
So it cuts you right and a decent part where you can eat a big sandwich and you'd be OK.
I actually go for dresses nowadays that are like past the knee.
I do think it's well made.
This just has the potential to survive a night of drinking and dancing.
What I think of when I think of Barbie, really, my childhood.
It was like what I would imagine being an adult when I was younger, I think a boss lady, I would even say nowadays, maybe feminist icon, just a touch growing up with a Barbie and knowing that she was able to do anything.
It was nice to know that I could do anything if I really put my mind to it.
I was an only child, So Barbie was my friend and was my friend.
I grew up with a lesbian mother and my mother never dressed up and never was girly.
Barbie was the feminine role model for me because my mom didn't teach me how to dress up.
And so when I saw Barbie dressing up, I'm like, OK, I want to Just like that I had an imaginary friend when I was younger and she was tall, blond, white girl, like, very skinny.
Just exactly that.
Why we looks nothing like me.
I don't know if I really compared myself to Barbie.
I think I just like playing with dolls.
Oji Burbey I would say proportionately is not necessarily accurate to women, but she's very pretty, has beautiful hair and little hands of little feet.
I think I was always compared to Bobby.
I'm told.
I'm wide.
I have blond hair and blue eyes, but I'm about £100 too heavy.
Always jealous of Bobby.
I work call as a child, looking at her body going.
Is this what I'm going to be looking like and looking at my mother and thinking?
Where do I fit in this?
There were undertones that I didn't even realize I'm picking up on, for instance, the classic waistline.
I think even now, as an adult, I'm affected with how you know society was looking at bodies of women at the time.
When Cinderella came out with Brandy, she had her own Barbie, and that was my favorite bar B.
Could she have the grades?
I saw just getting my hair really young.
I wanted her to be like Barbie.
I even went to the extent of, like, bleaching my hair when I was a kid.
I would have just wanted a Barbie with curly hair like that would have been like the thing that I could have resonated with.
I know my mom's side of my family and they're all white, and I'm the one that sticks out.
If I had a Barbie that looked more like me, I would have been more confident about my curly hair and my darker skin tone.
Then my family members a lot sooner.
When I was little, I used to put a little tissue around my Barbie.
I taped tissue on my Barbie like and then put the dresses over so that the bar we could look more like me.
And so I wanted the Barbie toe have like a little belly like I did when I was little.
My friends used to make fun of me like what's wrong with your Barbie.
I'm like she's more realistic now.
She looks like me.
I had to sum like Barbie trunk, and it has, like, these pictures of Barbie on it like I don't look like that.
That doesn't look like me.
Like, I just want, like, down line of like, all the different Barbies on that trunk.
And then it kind of just like internalize that over the years.
You know, it's not Barbie's fault, per se.
You're seeing these images, they're out there and you don't look like them.
So then you kind of like have, like, an inadequacy issue.
It definitely could have shaped the way I looked at the world as in, there is no other look than this.
It was very important to me to have a black Barbie because I was a black kid with a black moment like that, kind of just relating to my actual life.
Having an array of Barbies as a kid, as opposed to only ones that looked like me, allowed me to have an understanding that the world outside was made above.
You know, this melting pot of people.
I think I got used to not seeing dolls that look like me.
I just thought, Oh, I'm the biggest one in the room, You know, it is what it is.
But then, as I got older and I realized that, you know, I am worthy of seeing someone that looks like me.
And so when the plus size Barbies launched, I was so excited.
Barbie has definitely changed a lot, and now they have Barbies, of all different sizes and all different backgrounds.
Kids now could have a Barbie that's, you know, a little thicker, a little shorter, taller, thinner freckles, different color hair.
In the eighth grade, I was diagnosed with little I grow, and they actually came out recently with the video Legos.
Also, I think having that doll and having that representation back then I definitely would have helped me out.
I went to go buy the curvy Bobby, and I couldn't find it anywhere on shelves.
It took me two weeks to buy it online.
Now she's, you know, like Congresswoman and like he's the gymnasts and she's all these amazing things, and it's healthy to see, like we need to see that I think Barbie is just a doll.
That's what she looks like to me.
She doesn't look like me.
Well, I think that she'll ever look like me.
But I am happy that there is a curvy Barbie, a plus sized Barbie and also Barbies that come, like in different roles, like a scientist.
Ah, pilot like that, I think is rad.
And I love it.
To see this dress on a bunch of different women is is very empowering.
Having the opportunity to aware of our address in any size could be almost magical.
Barbie, you rock keep rocking girl power.
But that was right.
She's working hard at making everyone feel like the badass bitch that she is a bad ass bitch.
Sorry, Barbie.
I don't want to be like a Barbie.
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あらゆる体型の女性が同じバービードレスを試着!| VOGUE JAPAN

12 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on August 3, 2020
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