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Jessica, if you're watching this,
bring back the dessert line.
That was my favorite and it got boys to kiss me.
My question is, who does edible makeup help?
You know, like, whose life is improved by having makeup
that they can eat?
I feel like we all just kind of accidentally
consume a fair amount of makeup in life.
There are many lip glosses that I would eat.
I think that it's just like, oh,
it's so natural you could eat it.
Oh okay, so it's like,
this floor is so clean you can lick it,
but like, don't lick the floor.
Coconut Vanilla Cream Cleanser.
Those two ingredients sound tasty.
It kinda looks like tapioca pudding.
Oh! (mumbles) The whole thing!
Oh my God!
Ew, gross, yucky.
What the fuck?
It's so bad!
It's coating my tongue.
It tastes kind of like strep throat.
It tastes like you took Eucerin cream
and just sprayed it into your mouth.
As a cleanser can't besmirch it,
but as a food, I besmirch it.
Natural Organic Edible Cosmetics
White Tea Toner.
Like just these shot glasses have me frightened.
It says sativa, is there pot in this?
All ingredients are edible,
but are formulated in concentration for
the skin surface and not for ingestion.
Let's ingest it.
It smells like Fireball.
You know, it's actually doing a good job
of getting rid of the cleanser taste.
It tastes like I ate my grandmother's perfume.
It tastes like, very lukewarm iced-tea.
If someone gave this to me and they were just like,
"Gwyneth Paltrow drinks this all the time."
I would drink and be like,
yeah that tastes like something she would consume.
It's not good.
Edensong Essentials
Goddess Envy Moisturizer.
This looks very thick.
Hey, you know it's kind of nice.
Does this mean you could also use this
as like, ingredients when cooking?
Oh no, ran out of coconut oil, but I have my
facial cream though.
Eating oil in solid form, cheers.
No, no!
It's not so bad.
Oh my God!
The consistency of food, but none of the charm.
It tastes like the geriatric queen of a hospital.
It does!
It tastes also a little but like fish oil pills.
Amuse Bouche Lipstick,cayenne.
Wait what? Hold on,
why do we have a fork and a knife?
Like we're really full-on into
actual makeup products.
We're weirdos.
It's quite vibrant.
It is cute.
This is just sacrilege for makeup lovers everywhere.
I know.
It's like, oh God that hurt.
Oh this is so fun getting this saw into lipstick!
I'm kind of excited to eat this.
I feel like you beheaded it.
Yeah, I feel like I did a bad deed.
Oh, this is not bad.
Don't hate it.
No, it kind of tastes
like a SweetTart.
That's dangerous though,
because then I'll lick it all off.
It's very good.
Yeah, it's really delicious.
It is stuck to the roof of my mouth.
Who knew that lipstick would be the funnest
and the best-tasting?
That's a good question, what did just happen?
We get what the companies are doing
by marketing these products as edible,
to make people feel better and safer.
We got a taste of grandma--
Taste of soap--
And then a decent lipstick.
Edible implies that it's like a food.
Don't eat it, is what we're trying to say.
I think that they probably should say like,
hey, not food, but if food,
no hospital.
This video is not edible makeup,
it's what happens when Sophia tries to kill all her friends.
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Women Try Edible Beauty Products • Ladylike

479 Folder Collection
Angela Yeh published on July 18, 2016
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