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This episode of death battle is brought to you by Squarespace
Who doesn't like dinosaurs?
[no] one comes there awesome like Yoshi. Mario's happy-Go-Lucky [Steep] and ribs [or] the dino warrior with a killer instinct
I'm wizard, and he's boomstick, and it's our job. Analyze their weapons armor and skills to find out who would win a [death] battle
Yoshi is a cheerful and friendly dinosaur. Whose race happens to be among Bowser's most hated enemies
Why those are so goddamn happy all the time?
Yoshi is considered one of the fastest characters in the Mario universe
And has a higher and stronger jump than Mario despite his cute and cheery demeanor. Yoshi's powerful enough to put down this goliath single-Handedly
He's able to keep up with
Experienced fighters like solid snake wink and even previous death battle champions Samus aran and either doesn't have any ears or he's really [frickin] patient
Is he something? I'll put up with that [whiney] ass baby Mario
If it were me someone would have found him in a dumpster after the first level also while young Yoshi's are dumb enough to run
Off cliffs they learn quickly over time eventually driving go-karts playing sports and surviving the greatest Deathtrap ever created
Mario party Yoshi has a large arsenal of eggs to use as lightweight
Projectiles and can even create a giant egg shell to use as an all-encompassing shield
What is it with creatures from the Mario universe using their babies as weapons is it that effective?
I'm Gonna have to test this out maybe some sort of baby Launcher boomstick
That's a terrible idea any time you'd want to reload you'd have to wait nine months anyway
Yoshi's greatest asset is his stomach yeah
Yo, she's got a bad eating problem and devours everything in sight with his long stretch of junk
He can swallow almost anything even fire that's right boomstick. Yoshi has the strangest digestive system
I've ever come across certain meals can grant him special abilities otherwise after consuming a [foer] item Yoshi
Ejects an [egg] [spawned] from the subject the egg may have special properties from said object or contain the victim within wait?
That's how we made [ceg's] there any female Yoshi's
I don't think they're male or female Yoshi's may be asexual [that] poor miserable creature
Ribbed or was genetically engineered by Ultra tech to be the perfect combination of human intelligence and animal
Brutality his tools and death are his teeth claws and impaling tail
And he knows how to use them well pulling off insanely bloody combos, and when he's not fighting up close
He can spit a fiery acid rip door is only four years old and yet already. He's a nearly unstoppable killing machine
That's one ass-kicking toddler
He has reached a point where his human emotion in recent in conflict with his predatory
Instincts often confusing him to the point of blind rage and aggression [rip] door may look sound and act like a velociraptor
But he's really something else entirely [he's] twice as big and twice as slow, and I don't think velociraptors could shoot acid
They were awesome enough without it [with] a limited [amount] of combat training [Crypto] relies on his raptor instincts in a fight
Raptors will Pack Hunters preferring to flank their victims with stealth speed and secrecy [though]. They were no pushovers by themselves on Their own
They usually just rushed their opponent and overpowered them with ultra combos
and if Jurassic park has taught us anything if the raptors are clever sons of bitches wow boomstick
I didn't know you knew so much about dinosaurs. Yeah, I was one of me a pet raptor
I was gonna call him Barney after I found out what Irony was
All right, the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all first
I need to get some money to convert my kitten cannon into a baby launcher
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Squarespace offers 24/7 support Golem [anytime] where the dumbest of questions
Boomstick called and if they can deal with him they can deal with anyone squarespace
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Squarespace not to mention many of the personal pages of revision3 personalities check out squarespace.com
Forward slash death battle to get a free two week trial right now. It's time for a death battle
My car Yoshi couldn't compete with [riff] grows tough and brutal viciousness
But his varied arsenal ultimately produced a winning move rib jaws of freaking beast in a fistfight
But while yoshi looks all cute and stuff
[he's] actually a deadly devouring machine like my ex-wife that [raptor] remind of [rip] doors might be cunning and clever
But tooth and claw can only accomplish so much Yoshi's bizarre digestive system rebounded the acid spit blinding rip door and leaving him vulnerable
ribs or maybe Smart but Yoshi can drive cars and show me another dinosaur who can do that even with a
Velociraptor strong sense of hearing and smell rip doors confused and vengeful mind wasn't able to process the change of tactics fast enough
Even so he was already finished even of that conveniently placed Glyph hadn't been there
Rip door would have lost his whole face pretty quick to the acid he just didn't have the stomach for this
Dynamite Dinah fight what I'm clever the winner is Yoshi
next time on death bell
We've received so many suggestions for death petals
We're gonna have to narrow it down a bit from now on you subscribers get the spotlight
[have] an idea subscribe and leave a comment below. Thank you for watching
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Yoshi VS Riptor (Nintendo VS Killer Instinct) | DEATH BATTLE!

14 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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