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What's up bitch gave our own YouTube
4 & 5 whatever we're playing we're playing self-park everybody last episode we uncovered a dark secret
About kitty cats. I know it's exciting. Let's slow to here and let's keep going this fight was insane
It was so fun. I love this game so much
It's such a joy to be playing it for you here on the youtubes s race is where I am right now
I already forgotten what our quest was it doesn't matter it doesn't matter
We could stills you could still have a good temp get into the background. I wasn't there
All I see I see
We got to go in the back back of cross
So how do I?
Stupid kitty
Anything with a static defect can be resetted. Oh wow
We just got a hold the fart
Look it will go back in time and yes a
Necessary game feature right there. Thank you
And you let them hear you stupid bitch
Stupid bitch do I look like your mama? Oh?
These kids are cops ain't no cop
And he was born his mom farted during labor, and it gave him diabetes that he uses to fight crime
If they aren't cops then we can shoot them along with this bitch, too
Y'all turning on me
I knew I shouldn't win in a business with y'all Tony Soprano look at motherfuckers so long cap no no net diabetes
Already nice
That is true actually oh god. He's gonna be stronger now
Red wine drunk rainy hell
Yeah, oh, that's awesome
Okay, so I do want to make some changes actually as lame as lettuce. Why is he long, okay?
I want to adjust myself because it's clearly not gonna. Okay. Let's adjust a salad
Okay, and let's go
Oh my god one-shot kill
Holy moly let's rewind that one then apparently you can go back in time with parts now
Yeah, oh, yeah, we can I wait, ah what we can't use anything here
Sorry what does he do?
Charging to fray Claus flying no that's not the one
Hey fucking take a note tell my wife fuck
He can't attack
What is this
Man she's
Super muddy
A30 was american number 31 America. I'm sorry. I thought it was America
Oh my god
Okay, well we're we're blocking this
Nice sugar rash all right cool
Thank you
Another one bites the dust
Yeah, man we did it that's what I'm talking about and we got a new artifact, so jest that's awesome
Class asshole start working two months ago
He'd be talking all this shit about making money off the crime in the city cuz some bigshot white boy be running all the drugs
Now hook it, right
Okay, but not me. I'm my own piss. You know what I'm saying. It's like I got one investment in this world
That's my pussy, and I ain't putting no mortgage on that to some high-paying nigga
Talk about trying to make no money off crime and shit classy. I'm sorry, but what about the cash? No net cash okay?
That's this little asian freak named. Yaki, Baba some shit like yaki Bob
Sixth grade is to take people's caste
Fucked up, I think taking that pussy and like taking mine. You know what I'm saying. That's like criminal shit
Where do the cat go I can tell you but I ain't saying it shit until I know I'm safe you understand
These niggas ain't playing and I need to know you gonna protect my ass Eric Cartman. Do you have any idea?
What time it is this is a school night mom not now? We're seriously onto something
You kids all get home now or I'm calling your parents
Please don't tell my mom and
Who is this stripper woman these companies offer me protection?
Well, she's not staying here fine Fastpass take her to your house, okay
He took that thought fast boy no one cares about me now
What in the world good morning South Park a new vigilante took to the streets last night
And is apparently single-handedly takin down the fam bony crime family here with more is a midget in a bikini
Tom I'm standing outside the buca di faggocini where the vigilante declared war on crime in South Park, okay?
people's faces on their balls
It was just terrifying the kid came in and just started farting on people comes out of nowhere bad
Maybe someone's finally standing up to what's wrong with this city this new kids a hero the kids a menace if you ask me
That's how long before he or she kills an innocent person how long before daredevil becomes the Punisher, huh?
3 season 3 season
Police called to the scene found a treasure trove of illegal items that they claimed might tie the Italian restaurant to a larger crime
Syndicate this may be just the tip of the iceberg
Certainly chilling stuff and their reports the vigilante possibly had a sidekick there was thought to be a sidekick Tom
But further investigation showed it was just some little twerp with diabetes
Thanks midget, and of course the question on everyone's minds now. Who is the farting vigilante?
That's right. This is going to make us look bad. You fucked up. It wasn't our fault
This kid just came into the restaurant and started farting like there was no tomorrow
The pond is so games are supposed to do is move the product the Chinese and Russians do the rest
Everything has to be discreet and quiet or people are gonna learn the truth
And we put the product into people's drugs and alcohol in order to create more crime again
Oh my god, and the cat is the key to everything it's the cat piss
It's the cat piss again
You just keep doing your part in getting the cheese out on the streets
Or maybe I'll start dealing directly with the Russians or the Chinese
or the
Sixth-graders, oh my god
Man, what a great sleep. Yeah, I haven't slept that well in weeks hmm, so you guys do anything interesting last night
Oh, no, you know do usual just watch some TV and went to bed. Yep. Nothing exciting an art, but boring lives
Well, then I guess I'll just be seeing you guys tomorrow
You've got a big day ahead of you new kid that's right changed into your superhero costume and wait for a message from the king
Who's the keen
It's not that different, I think we need to work on it
That was dumb shut up
Shut your mouth. I don't need that from you
Any good superhero should know how to interrogate get over to Jimmy's house and find out what she knows King
Remember ah yeah, okay, go do Jimmy's house can do
Definitely can do let's lift this car
For no reason hey, how about that we've got it faith the CD
Cartman's good Christian Ben should I kill these guys real quick cuz they've been here for a while oh
Why what
They're all moving in Coon is the worst man, I wish I could swap him out
We haven't seen Coons special attack oh
My god
They're like choices
Okay would be some more kids. We're grinding. You don't need to say all this this is just part of the game
You gotta do this?
Okay, well here. We are finally. Let's go
Wow sexy very nice
Sup hero don't be fighting in my faces shit a
Fastpass one of your super homies is here
Oh, hey, new kid the Coon told me he wants you to mention the witness so go ahead
Can I see your tattoo oh that's smart using the silent treatment can really make a witness
And I look I know y'all need my help is shit, but I ain't talking to you go get my medication
Your medication yeah, I can't think straight without my medication you gotta go pick up my prescription on
my god
Fine looks like you got more work to do new kid, but before you go back out in the world
I want to show you something that might poke your crime-fighting. Let's get up tonight
So fit whoa that was super fast, mecha. Whoa how did you?
Yes yes
Of course DNA PPA, thank you. I believe I'm standing you need
That okay fabric
Am a little nervous in everyday indeed before oh we're
Okay, we get here. We'll make a big impact on your comeback
Kind of like how steroids shrink your bus or so every
All right now, you know what real power feels like pretty dang good
That's a do it
You kid hope you have a grasp of it now get out there and kick some I I went with the tank
I'll bleed I'll be the tank class with this guy cuz it give you a lot of it so
Hopefully I'm a the right choice. I don't know
But we did it. It's fun to improve your character and change it in step
What now what's next get powered up and leave Jimmy's house alright? Well. Bye bye
Thank you
Don't know what's next, but I'm sure it's not good. Oh. Yeah, cuz we had to
Go to the alley and get medicinal fried
Chicken well how about that South Park made the joke for me? Thank you
I'm gonna go in here because it's always so funny whenever you enter the rhinoplasty
I remember the first game is such a weird thing. Oh. Yeah, cuz it's all oh
My god
Got some new items in stock new kid I know how much you love medical supplies
You do know me
We really don't have anything of value
Hey, we got another picture nice that was a cute one
Let's make a deal, I'll follow you on Instagram if you take a selfie with me how does that? Ha ha?
yes, okay, yeah, let's
Do that
Wow thank you, so glad I had a cool man, oh
Wow Oh Maggie
Defeat the racence girls again more fighting fine. You know it fine. Oh
There's so many of them
And he's dead, I haven't failed a single time god damn. I'm good at this game. I'm so good. I'm born to do this
No, I am I know oh no not Rebecca oh my god. Oh my god, Rebecca Oh
Oh Rebecca oh my god. I'm not ready for this
The wrong raisins sugar oh
My god
People just like the picture of me and ballet class on Instagram what's holy getting trolled right now
The true horror over Millennials oh
My god. It's raining i'm unfriending their instagrams explanation
They will be back for a while you got to be careful playing superhero. You can make a lot of enemies
Some bullies think girls don't make good superheroes not me if that respect don't be excluded
Don't you is that why your parents are hiding you because your gender doesn't fit in with the norm?
You'd like to remain mysterious huh fine look you've got problems new kid whatever you did last night
Got a lot of people's attention bad people
There's a crime boss who's been calling the shots here in South Park and now that person is planning to run for office
Whatever you did last night scared him
I'm tracking everyone's instagrams and Facebook's and will continue to cross-reference with tumblr while monitoring Twitter and LinkedIn if you need information
Just know you can rely on a call girl. Oh my god, Carl girl
That's me I'll thank God we didn't have to fight her Becca. I was like what how?
Got damn soiled myself a little bit there boy all right. We can keep going in great
Well proceed to the medicinal fried chicken chicken winners
Well how the heck am I gonna do this
Too bad new kid miners aren't allowed in a place like that Gordon Freeman. Please help me
What do I keep calling you Gordon Freeman of course? You aren't just any miner of course I can change time
What in the world is happening over here
By super-spicy city shrimp find skeeters roof aged cheese
Okay a member berries maybe
I remember that too old for me
Here we are shitty walk
Let's sound like the fast pot got damn
Fast pass I have the one run so far gosh damn it alright. Let's enter. I'm excited for this
Super spicy shitty shrimp
We can buy a new outfit
It's not that cool. Well save our money super Spidey spicy
No, no
No, that was it fine, and then find cheesy shrimp adders. Okay, okay? We're doing right?
Find skeeters roof aged cheese everybody. Okay, okay, okay? I think it's every year
Yeah, well I'm working on e
Roof aged cheese how the heck am I gonna find a
Remember when Superman movies weren't so depressing oh
I don't take kindly to selfies
Gotta take those selfies man great see you later kid
Skeeter who's Skeeter again? I feel like this would be easier fine. Now kid. I'm trying to pick up chicks and
Maybe I need to keep walking want some of this boardy I guess so
You need to unlock in your body power to solve this meet human kite at Kylie's house
We have to do a side quest first Bosh
Okay over here. It was really funny last time. We did this I
Really want to change my outfit later. I have a lot of money now
Okay, what's happening? What is he doing? What is he a backyard in the backyard okay right? Okay? Let's take care to this
Where kaizen kayo I have developed these super sensors, which will make it almost impossible for him to be deceptive oh no
He's actually gonna be strong now, are you kidding me?
Fine the Red Sea which you will be unable to part without Moses on your side
So we have to go over that's annoying
We can't attack them there
God damn let's remove that one
We don't really have a charging attack with this one
This one can charge to captain diabetes
Diabeetus tan that was really easy we're really strong now unless it's the second phase or something
Yeah, there's the second phase oh
No oh no oh so much step
Don't worry super buddy cousin perhaps. I no longer have my kite, but I still have
Why we're gonna find out and what
Kind of innovative the baby is that little
Bad ginger tea ban
Nice oh
She attacks everyone damn
My mom's a bigot bitch, no one will love the music so good. Hey not this one not this one
Hey, we got a new artifact nice, okay, we did it I enjoyed that very much
No no mom no police this is all my fault what look
It's just I couldn't take my cousin copying everything I do
The human kite is about saving people not about Judaism and now look at all the damage you've caused
I should press charges against your friends and luck my kites up in a tree
I'm sorry, please I'll do anything you are going to let your customers
Is that clear oh boy? Hi Regina says I get to play with ya. Yes, sometimes you can play with us
You're not playing anymore until you do come on sugar let's get you some bactine
Oh, I hate bad King because it gets on my fingers and I get eczema from the lidocaine
Oh really that doesn't work. Oh. Yeah, we have to learn his new ability, which makes him fly yes
Invalid buddy what I hold l2 and highlight peanut well. That's what I did oh
I see we have to pick sky, okay
Okay, so green objects captain diabetes can do and then
Those wind looking Kyle Kyle can do that makes sense
Hey, maybe close your eyes, I don't know that my god, okay, so you have to actually do it properly I was paying attention really
Hardcore everyone hardcore
Incredible Wow this gave me some weird
How did we get damn for me
Alright that works, that was babies
Oh, I got news for you, buddy
I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to fart cooler than you've ever felt before and need you care now this may sting a little bubby
Oh my god. He's so annoying
Guys my bad
Why is the door locked I have to do something now
All right, I forgot we had to return this to be kind
Jeans degree all right we're gonna fast travel
All the way
Okay, so now that we have Kyle we can get on the roof, right
Or do I use it on this thing yes
There we go nice. That's a cool thing I get it now. I was I thought it was so weird before
I'm texting Kyle yeah boy yeah, Cacambo, man
That's some top-level farting, okay, let's
Okay, let's do a coon stir Graham. Thank you. Thank you Simon. Thank You Simon have we dumb ones with Kyle and
There's a cheese
Crap did just like I taught you
Grab like I tell each
What in the world?
To the missionary a cheesy shrimp fairytale of course of course I
Accidentally sold I was pretty good crap that
Kay let's head on down
That is a great question
See you buddy, okay, and now we can enter Gordon Freeman because that is his name
There we go now we can enter yes obscure to go on we don't go on don't be shy
Oh, thank you press X to eat the cheese see stream perrito. What's gonna happen? Are we gonna shrink volition burrito perhaps?
Time for pause unlock oh my god, I just
I didn't work out the way. I wanted it to
We paused maybe we should pause before
Now we can buy our medicinal chicken
Please after you
Okay, we're gonna have to no actually. I can't save so I'm gonna keep playing
Oh is your friend looking for an energizing mental feeling or a more of a full-body hi I
Don't know well. I'll send over our expert budtender who can help you out
I have an addictive personality, so I'm cool without it now. I got a kid with my better to stay on the
Strip, but, I'm also doing good helping people find the herbal remedies they need
Combat modern stressors of a job and taxis traffic and white written down my neck
Okay her name is
classy classy with a wire with the clip hanging off it coming around and look at the shit out of oh my
Gosh with a dick hanging off the eye, that's fuckin 2l out of the SS. Oh that classy sure I got her order
No it is not nothing cool. I'm trying to run a legitimate business here and my back hurts. I can't sleep
I got no appetite the shitty town is so fucked up
We gotta buy all our product from fucking sixth-graders, and who knows what the shit. They're putting in it nigga top it off
I got a couple little dick liquors covered in the past door oh
It's another fine sober Towelie I
Really have to end this episode here. Thank you guys for watching
Another one the best let's play on YouTube the leave a like leave a comment and leave a subscribe
Blefuscia bye yes, see you tomorrow..
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THE ENDING OF THIS WAS THE BEST!! South Park The Fractured But Whole | Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5

6 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on July 2, 2020
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