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  • Tidus: *gasp*

  • Tidus: *whistle*

  • Tidus: "Huh? Whoa!"

  • Yuna: "unh! unh!"

  • Yuna: "heh! haha! unh!"

  • Yuna: "Are you real..?"

  • Tidus: "I think so."

  • Tidus: "Do I pass?"

  • Yuna: "Hmm. You're back."

  • Tidus: "I am back. I'm home!"

  • Yuna: "Welcome home!"

  • Yuna: "Yes, home."

  • Rikku: "heh heh heh."

  • People: [cheering]

  • Wakka: "Wassup?"

  • Tidus: "Who asked you to watch, Wakka?"

  • Wakka: "Huh? ha ha ha!"

  • Lulu: "Hmm."

  • Rikku: "Hiya!"

  • Tidus & Yuna: [laughing]

  • Tidus: "Huh? Hey! Whoa! You've changed!"

  • Yuna: "Well, you've missed a few things."

  • Tidus: "I wanna hear everything."

  • Yuna: "Well, it all began when I saw this sphere of you..."

Tidus: *gasp*

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B1 heh unh heh heh home lulu unh unh

Final Fantasy X-2 Best Ending

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    阿多賓 posted on 2013/04/09
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