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  • Sweet fancy Moses. Look at the size of those explosions. You know, I...I don’t think

  • I’ve ever loved my country more.

  • Stars and stripes forever! It’s Dead or Alive 5.

  • This game was released in September for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, which is kind

  • of a big deal. Dead or Alive 5 is the first entry in the main series since Dead or Alive

  • 2 to be released for a PlayStation platform. Theyve been Xbox-exclusive since 2001,

  • so for Sony fans, this is your first opportunity in more than a decade to throw down with the

  • girls of DOA......and to watch them simultaneously pant and jiggle.

  • See, if youre new to Dead or Alive...I’d be lying if I told you it’s all about the

  • clever fighting mechanics or rewarding gameplay. No, it’s a lot about observing the physics

  • fireworks display that occurs when unthinkably large-breasted and under-dressed women fight

  • each other.

  • Or in some cases, walk. For these reasons and plenty more, the character

  • models really do steal the show in Dead or Alive 5. Theyre insanely detailed. In fact,

  • you even get sweaty and dirty as the fights progress, just one example of the ridiculous

  • detail that went into them. Of course, the drawback is that...this seems to come at the

  • cost of your environments. It ends up being a game with impressive fighters in comparatively

  • unimpressive worlds.

  • Of course, this series is also known for its actual fighting. Its core mechanics are essentially

  • in tact, as youll spend much of the fight trying to land the right counter. Timing is

  • important, bluffing plays a big role...Dead or Alive is a really dynamic, intelligent

  • fighter. And the new additions only make it more so.

  • So you can finally sidestep, which is obviously a big deal. The game also adds this Critical

  • Burst, which leaves your opponent completely stunned and open to whatever attacks you can

  • string together. And speaking of crazy attacks, you can actually use your surroundings to

  • trigger moves like this. Hey, RPG stands forrespect pretty girls,”

  • *sshole.

  • Throw in all the different modesand the new stuff like Facebook integration and a

  • surprisingly deep training systemand this is really a nice package. The game does feel

  • a bit too familiar on the surface, but once you get beneath that outer layerno laughing,

  • kidsyou find it’s actually a much improved experience. Plenty of little things...and

  • big things...make Dead or Alive 5 a clear

Sweet fancy Moses. Look at the size of those explosions. You know, I...I don’t think

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CGRundertow DEAD OR ALIVE 5 for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

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