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  • as some states take tentative steps toward reopening their economy.

  • Researchers are still looking for a treatment for Cove in 19 which first appeared four months ago and is now sickened roughly three million people worldwide in an effort to find something anything that might work against the symptoms of the virus.

  • They're looking at a host of medical options, and, it turns out one commonly used over the counter heartburn medication might be helpful.

  • Stephen Fabian reports a popular over the counter medicine, maybe an exciting new treatment for Cove in 19.

  • It's the heartburn medication Pepcid and now the active ingredient for motive.

  • Dean is being given to hundreds of seriously Ill Cove in 19 patients the patients are receiving from OTA Dean intravenously at nine times the heartburn dose.

  • News of the clinical trial has triggered a run on Pepcid and pharmacies across America.

  • Today I managed to find just one box of the tablets, and a few containers of the chewable is here at this New York City pharmacy.

  • I spoke with Dr David Batty Nellie, chief medical officer for North Well health Hospitals in New York, which is conducting the trial.

  • This would be a huge breakthrough.

  • If I were to take a bunch of this Pepcid, would that help me fight Corona virus?

  • Well, that's what the clinical trials all about.

  • We're not sure how much Pepcid or the FA motive we should be taking and hoping we'll get an answer to that within hopefully four weeks.

  • But is it something we're like?

  • I'm actually ingesting this pets it.

  • I'm taking it orally, taking it orally, but should be effective, but we don't know what those that should be.

  • But there is some skepticism about using Paps it, says Dr Stuart Rae, an infectious diseases expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

  • If somebody who is developing breathing difficulties delayed their trip to get care, did the late seeking care because they think this drug might be effective, that would be a mistake.

as some states take tentative steps toward reopening their economy.

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