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Hey guys, thank you so much for tuning in to my channel. Today, I'm going to be showing
you a full coverage foundation. Now, most of my foundation routines are full coverage,
even my everyday casual no makeup routines are full coverage, because I have olive skin,
hyper-pigmented skin, under-eye circles that are crazy, and lots of imperfections -- that
probably only I notice. I have a pretty bad -- it's not that bad -- but, for right now
and for most recently, my skin has been really good, so now I feel like it's really bad.
I definitely struggled with acne the most in middle school and in high school. Now,
I definitely feel like if I get an acne breakout, I know why, it's usually something that I
did, like drinking or eating or not working out or stressing or not sleeping enough. Normally,
in these situations, I will hide from social media and from the general pubic, unless I
can't avoid it, but I thought that this time around, I would instead try to help some of
you who could benefit from some of the tips that I use. Yaaaaaaaaaay! I will also teach
you how to contour and highlight, which if done wrong, when you have an acne breakout,
it could make your breakout stand out even more, which you don't want. So I hope you
enjoy this video, thank you so much for watching, let's go ahead and get started. First up for
products, I'm never without my Neutrogena healthy skin primer, this is my favorite.
I never believed in primer, until I started using this, honestly, and what I'll do is
I'll paint on a thick coat -- yeah, not just a pea size, a THICK coat -- all over, especially
on dark and dry spots. And, as you can and will see, it lightens, it brightens, it smooths
your pores and blemishes, even scabs, and -- most importantly - it protects and nourishes
my skin. I honestly feel like this prevents breakouts, and it keeps my makeup on all day
long. Like, I'm convinced it's waterproof, and I honestly can't say enough good things.
I'm gonna grab a spoolie brush to gently flick off any dry skin flakes that have now softened
from the primer. And make sure that that brush is clean, or else you could end up with some
mustaches all over your face. Now for foundation. This is my obsession, Studio Fix fluid. But
rather than using concealer, which can so easily be spotty and require a lot of retouching,
I just brush and build up this full coverage foundation, which covers absolutely every
imperfection. I'll layer it up first in the darkest areas, work my way all over, and then
revisit areas that need it. I do like using a foundation that is one to three shades lighter
than my skin. This helps with hiding dark spots and also gives me a little shortcut
with contouring and highlighting. And I'm sure that there are people watching who are
gonna say that full coverage foundation is what's causing all of my breakouts, which
it's not true, I will save that for another video, but I do wanna say that if you skip
primer and if you're not washing your face, you are going to break out no matter what
you're using, whether it's full coverage foundation, sheer foundation or even face paint, so those
two steps are very important. And no blending brushes here, because we really wanna build
up that coverage. Now for some color, I'm using two different bronzers, because parts
of my skin are dry and parts of my skin are oily. So first up, I'm using a powder on my
cheeks, which have some blemishes. I'm gonna avoid that area, because I don't want to make
spots darker or for the area to look even more bumpy, so I'm just sculpting my cheeks
by going along the outer rounds and then along my jawline. I'm also a nose contour person.
If I'm breaking out here, I will skip this step completely, because I don't want the
bumps to make a crooked line. It's not too bad today though, so I'm gonna go ahead and
do it. As for my forehead, it is super dry and broken out; powder would definitely make
any flakes or bumps stand out even more, so I'm using a soft solid and blending with my
finger, definitely focusing on my hairline and not where there is a lot of irritation.
Now, I do use some concealer, only around my eyes, which are the hardest and biggest
dark spots on my face to cover. I actually call them my panda circles. And you'll see
that I'm pressing instead of rubbing, which will allow for max coverage. I'm gonna go
ahead and apply my blush, which is more of a coral salmon color because I don't wanna
bring out any other pink or redness on my face. And just a little bit here, a little
dab on the apples of my cheeks, and that's it. Last, just for a little extra coverage
and protection, I'm setting my under-eye circles, along with really any other dark spots or
areas that need it with this Studio Fix matte powder, which really makes everything disappear.
So here is the final look. I hope you enjoyed this video, the results! If you have any questions
about what I did or the products that I used, any requests for upcoming video, please let
me know in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching. For more videos, please
give a thumbs up, share this video, subscribe to my channel, and I will see you next time
*Kiss* Bye!
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How to Cover Acne Breakouts & Dark Spots with Makeup

25579 Folder Collection
xsfasea published on November 13, 2015
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