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  • I'm just curious.

  • Of all the roles that you've played, is there one that you hear about the most or that has changed your life the most?

  • Um, well, you know, I it's funny because I think there's a couple of that kind of turning points.

  • You know, certainly footless was a big turning point from maybe, um And then I got this part in JFK, and that really was.

  • When it came out, I felt a real shift.

  • And I think the shift was that, um it was such a strong character and people, and I had always thought of myself as a character actor.

  • But I think because of Footloose people, kind of thought of me is like a you know, pretty boy, kind of, you know, Pops Arc, you know, and it's not really who I am, you know.

  • And so JFK was really important.

  • Do you get people cite reciting lines from that movie to you?

  • Yeah, People say lies to me from movies that I don't even remember.

  • Sometimes they'll go like a pass the salt, and I'll be like, I don't even know what you're talking about.

  • We all remember you and pass the salt.

  • JFK was was crazy.

  • We had the scene where?

  • It's very I mean, I use a lot of really foul language.

  • Okay, we're on.

  • We're on a zoom right now.

  • Yeah, all right.

  • Okay, Back then there was the airline looping that you had to do what you had to find the phrase that would fit with your lips for every single curse that you would do.

  • And and it was always this kind of challenging sort of thing.

  • And I'll never forget.

  • There's a scene where I'm talking Thio Kevin Costner.

  • And I'm saying you don't know shit, Mr Garcin, because you never been.

  • And yeah, I mean, if you look at my lift, it's like, I mean, it's kind of like we're gonna put in there, were sitting around on looping stage, and everyone's like, what could it be?

  • And the first thing we have to change is the shit, and that has to become squat, right?

  • That's an easy wash.

  • Your it's pretty tough to figure out.

  • So I ended up saying you don't know squat much the gas and because you've never been loved by man, huh?

  • You ever see the clean version, Mr Garrison, Because you never had to mow the grass.

  • Like what?

I'm just curious.

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