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I have to sing, I have to play.
The music, it's not just in me, it is me!
When life gets me down, I play my guitar.
The rest of the world may follow the rules,
but I must follow my heart.
You know that feeling like there's a song in the air
it is playing just for you.
A feeling so close to reach
out and touch it
I never knew I could want something
so much, but it's true
underestimate the power of music
No one was going to hand me my future.
It was up to me to reach for my dream
Grab it tight and make it come true.
All right, moving through.
Oh, I'm sorry...
What's going on?
I'm just dreaming.
Dante, wait up! Dante? Dante!
You gotta stay with me boy,
you don't know where we are...
This isn't a dream then, you're all really out there!
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COCO Official Trailer (2017) Disney Pixar Animation Movie HD

24 Folder Collection
helenalu1228 published on April 10, 2020
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