B1 Intermediate US 7006 Folder Collection
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I'm Max
And I'm the luckiest dog in New York
...because of her
Come on, Max, I gotta go
See you tonight!
Bye, Gidget!
So long, Mel!
See you later, Chloe!
Good morning, Max!
What's up, guys?
Any plans today?
Big plans, I'm gonna sit here
and I'm gonna wait for Katie to come back.
Oh, I miss her so much!
She's back!
Hey Maximilian!
I have some big news!
Max, this is Duke!
He's going to be your brother!
Chloe! Chloe!
I got a bad situation!
Katie brought home a psychopath from the pound!
I don't even have bed now.
I'm sleeping on the floor.
Like a dog.
Duke is just ruining our life! He's rude! It's an emergent..... (Barking)
Aww... you little cutie pie.
Hey Max!
What is going on here?
Mind your own business... oh my gosh, what happened to you?
Help! Help!
Hey, did you hear that?
Butterfly! Butterfly get it!
Max is missing!
We've got to find him.
Katie is gonna be worried sick.
We had great thing going.
I blame myself.
Yeah, me too. I blame you a lot.
We'll bust both you out of here. But from now on you work for me.
Advantage me!
Oh Oh.
Just ignore what just happen okay?
Run Max!
This is my city.
I'll find your friend.
We gotta take this secret route.
Oh okay the secret route was death.
Come on!
We can find our way home.
We are descendants from the mighty wolf.
Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!
We have raw primal instinct.
Hi, how are ya?
There are moments away from leading us home
Isn't home that way?
The Secret Life of Pets.
Be good boy Lener.
(Rock Punk Music.)
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The Secret Life of Pets Official Trailer #1 (2016) - Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate Animated Comedy HD

7006 Folder Collection
Caiying Huang published on March 30, 2016    Nicole Lu translated    Kristi Yang reviewed
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