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Hello, guys.
Welcome to another episode -
You start. I'm too tired.
It's been like 1 - 1.5 weeks of quarantine, guys.
We haven't seen the Sun...
I tried to get some Sun yesterday.
Just walked outside of my doorstep and then...
Stood there for like five minutes.
Then, I heard my neighbors' coughs so I ran back in.
Well, how are you guys all coping with quarantine?
Hope you're using this time to do some good practice.
If you watch our videos
and you don't play an instrument...
Now's the perfect time to pick one up.
But let's see what other musicians are doing
during these time of quarantine.
With this video of...
You Laugh...
You Lose.
Every time you laugh you have to
quarantine yourself for 40 hours.
- Yeah, that's a good one. Yep. - That's a good one.
Why is there a lifejacket?
I think they're pretending to be in, um...
- Titanic. - Titanic, yeah.
Yeah, the Titanic scene where the musicians just...
Don't care.
The ship's sinking.
Everything's going to despair, everyone's panicking
and the musician is just playing the sad tune.
I don't understand why
all the toilet paper gets bought though...
Like, I know this has been said...
But if everyone just calm down...
We'd all have enough toilet paper
If anything, you guys that are hoarding it,
just gonna have a bunch of toilet paper, but no use for it.
I just realized why I was squinting at the screen.
Cause I'm not wearing my glasses.
Alright, guys.
This is how you wash your hands. Just some...
While we're waiting.
Like this...
Like this...
Like this...
I'm back, powered up.
- Oh! Woah! - Ooh!
- That flex! - Woah!
Woah, dude, oh, man.
Limited edition item on TwoSet Apparel.
I like the end.
Hey, it's 20 seconds as well!
That's one of my favorite ones.
Yeah, I didn't laugh, but I was impressed.
- Yeah. - I smiled.
Oh, we should like sit apart from each other just for fun.
- Yeah, social distancing. - Social distancing, guys.
- The editor's job harder to edit. - Yeah.
So, guys, just doing our part as well now.
- On the mic. - Does that affect the mic?
Probably, the audio is going to be messed up.
But that's okay guys.
Well, there you go, guys, new setup.
- Alright. - Doing our part.
How do you do that?
Yeah, cause there's always delay.
How does that -
The other person will be hearing the delay.
Just from our experience doing calls online...
Like you guys should try this.
Skype or Zoom whatever your friend
and then go three, two, one.
And the person that's not counting, the other person,
will always feel like they clapped at the same time.
But the person counting,
always hear the other person clap
like one second delay.
And they reverse it, it will happen both sides.
- Yeah, it's really trippy. - Yeah.
She hit that last chord.
Papapa! Just like...
- I wanna get out of the house! - Yeah, her stress for staying home...
Oh man...
It's so like dramatic.
- Yeah - And you can really feel it.
Cause we all relate to it now, we're like "oh, yeah."
When this is all over,
someone actually needs to write an opera about this.
- It needs to be documented in history. Yeah. - This is going to be history.
In a hundred years time, people are like,
"back in the 2020s, the great toilet paper recession."
People started panicking and buying toilet paper.
I think I saw a video like some guy's like...
"There's a lot of other things you can wipe your a** with."
This guy was like a soldier.
He's like, "I wiped my a** with newspaper before..."
"And even gravel."
- Oh... - Just like, what the...
Yeah, that face right there.
It represents all the people that are not happy
with all the hoarders.
Dude, she used four rolls, just for that costume too.
- Yeah, empty roles. - What a flex.
If you wanna watch the rest...
- Definitely check it out. - Yeah, keep going.
Christina Major, nice work, that was very funny.
When you're musicians and artists, like dancers.
And you just...
You can't go out to rehearse and perform,
you just gotta do a performance at home.
I was thinking though, a ballerina...
Would have the optimal walking space
with just the toes, when you're cleaning stuff.
When you're walking with your whole feet,
you're touching everything.
They're just using their toes.
It's like...
- Minimal surface area. - Minimal surface area. It's like...
"Oh, wipe this part. Oh, oh, oh."
Woah, what is she doing?
Halfway through that video I actually was...
Kind of intrigued that what the cellist was doing.
So I kinda look closer at the screen.
So I thought he was for some reason doing like,
left hand pizz or playing double stops.
Oh, the dun, dun.
But then I realized when I looked up,
it was the same time when the ballerina like,
opened her legs, I was like that look so sus.
- Yeah, he is! He's doing thirds with pizz. - He was! He is! Yeah, yeah.
That's pretty hardcore.
You guys that are there looking at the dancer...
I'm appreciating the music.
How to show off your toilet rolls.
Oh, this is going to be a flex.
That's pretty good.
Dude, that's so good.
Like, "yeah, look at my paper!"
- Dooloodooloo~ - Woo!
- Nah, I am not gonna waste it. - Yeah, don't waste it.
Can I just say like is this just another way of flexing?
Yeah, so now we have had cello with toilet paper,
now we have piano...
We have dancers with toilet paper as well.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- It's like opera with toilet paper. - Opera as well.
This is so dumb.
Today's challenge.
What other challenges does she do?
This is how I picture like anime...
- Protagonist training, like... - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
To become - I have the best stable hand in piano.
You must put three toilet papers.
Nice work.
Leana piano.
- Na na na na - - Na na...
What was that? My heart will go on?
- Celine Dion on piano. - Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, it is.
That was so brutal, no job security.
Oh, did he have to be so freaking savage?
- What needs to be done must be done. - Social distancing.
Social distancing.
Ration your toilet paper.
Try not to hoard, but who knows.
Guys, thank you so much for the support.
Once again, did you laugh, you lose?
I think I have to practice.
- Like 200 hours. - 200 hours and like...
It's fine.
I don't even know what time it is, what day it is.
Do you find you're losing track of days?
- Well, please like and subscribe. - Alright.
Thank you and we'll see you guys next time.
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Musicians During Quarantine (You Laugh You Practice)

17 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on April 7, 2020
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