B1 Intermediate 11 Folder Collection
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this truck, man.
What's that guy's apartment?
Basketball shot Ping pong ball.
Hair dryer.
Trick is cute leaf blowers in a giant basketball.
Everybody do the Cory way.
Do that?
I don't know.
Under the next shot.
Every time teaching you guys for doing drills, he's gonna go straight through the middle.
Oh, excuse me.
Oh, was that like, five shots?
Radio Booth in three, two, one Balance.
I'm feeling really good.
I got a great pilot.
A beautiful day.
I don't usually pull big trailers for when I d'oh Looks like this.
Mobile base shot call.
This kicked the ball off the wall switch.
This'd backward kick shot.
Yeah, bank was open there.
I forgot to tell you guys that before, but, uh, gather over the room.
My first time on the making.
I've got the basketball faces.
The giant basketball rooftop Bomber Scare it.
What a lot of avoidance.
Well done.
Large mission.
Howdy, partners.
Got the hell.
Oh, and when you got a hell?
Oh, you gotta take it.
Really find Gross.
Don't mop of it.
That's just what you do.
Here we go.
This is how I find hero shot.
What's up?
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During the NBA playoffs, Rebels has given away courtside seats to a regular season.
NBA game.
That's pretty cool.
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Also, if you want to see the last video quick down here shutting up for now, found it.
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Giant Basketball Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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