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hello and welcome to do it. sports although it seems completely impossible
to put together a top ten list
up the best NBA players of all time I'm then take a crack at it
at number ten Houston Rockets big man Hakeem Olajuwon
a back to back champion is hockey many certainly molded the way
that centers play because he was simply
one-of-a-kind he played it with grace he had incredible
low-post moves and when Kobe Bryant and other guys are going to him
to mold their game in the best way possible
Hakeem Olajuwon certainly belongs in the West he is number 10
at number nine is Tim Duncan though he is so quiet and so mellow
at times even when he's kicked out of the game is incredibly mellow
kelly crawford did that by the way Tim Duncan a certain leases
deservingly so in the top 10 list
to NDP's four titles 13 straight years all NBA
and all defensive team at number eight longtime Lakers big man where he had the
most success certainly prior to his
a after his magic days ish Rikki Loney up now
granted Kobe Bryant has more rings than him
checking on you had the last laugh when he asked Kobe tell me how my ass taste
shaquille o'neill by far one of the best NBA players
of all time because of how dominant he was three titles with the Lakers won
with Miami with Wade 15-time all-star
sixth on the scoring West his longtime teammate
an arguably one of the greatest ever certainly
belongs in anybody's top 10 list is Kobe Bryant now aside from running Shack
outta Los Angeles Kobe Bryant 1 up-tempo in the Rings Department he now has five
going for a six the ultimate competitor one could say
is Kobe Bryant but it's not only the statistics I love him having out of 5
titles two finals at BP's
and only one of my players this to score 30,000 points
it's that he's a workhorse and it's that even promised torn Achilles this year
and the injuries that he's had in the past
he was cares about the game and he wants to come back as soon as possible
and be the best that he could be and he lays it all out there
even though we see in argue with his teammates at times and is yelling as
the ultimate competitor is Kobe Bryant aside from you'll see who's on this list
later on
copyright deservingly on this list at number seven at number six not only want
the best basketball players of all time but wanted the best nicknames of all
time wilt
the stilt Chamberlain I kid you not in 1961
62 season here for his averages 50 points per game in 20
the high points 7 rebounds per game his career averages 30 points per game
23 rebounds per game seven scoring titles 11 rebounding titles
100 points in one game 50 by rebounds in one game for any peace
to time champion though Bill Russell
and his teammates got the better wilt chamberlain on many
many days and over five throw him into the
ultimate competitor category though he was an incredibly average athlete he
showed us just how good one can be
and the skill set one could after being an average athlete it is of course
Larry for the former Sycamores man from Indiana State
three-time MBP three-time champion in his career
24 points per game 10 rebounds per game nearly 50 percent from the field
in 1987 88 has ever did amazing
29.92 points per game 9.3 rebounds per game
6.1 assists per game 41 percent from the res
and a 53 percent from the field the rivalry he had with magic johnson
certainly deteriorated the skills not the skills
the accolades that he coulda had and the championships he could add but there's
no better arrive early
rivalry in professional basketball then Larry Bird
and Magic Johnson at number four it is formerly
lol Center obviously now Kareem abdul-jabbar to no surprise
he is on this list and in the top five been better
up the sky cock and a five time NBA champion
with the Los Angeles Lakers he played for 20 years guys a six-time MBP
Bible with Milwaukee a six-time champion all-time scoring leader
38,000 300 eighty 7
points the top three was really really tricky and I'm sure it'll come with much
scrutiny and also much praise and number 3 I'm gonna go with magic johnson
he could play every single position and in the finals
when Kareem abdul-jabbar went down with injury he played the number five
he played center a 6-foot-9 point guard the best there ever was at the position
playing the number one
at point guard obviously was magic johnson and certainly he was a magician
on the court five-time champion 3m BP's the rivalry with bird I really talked
three regular-season a VPS he invented and he certainly contributed to Showtime
the Showtime era in Los Angeles owe him and
the buss family what together it seems in Los Angeles
in his career nineteen-point by points per game 7.2 rebounds per game
11 point to assess per game at number two just because the impact he had on
the game
and the fact that the one 11 NBA titles in the span of 13 years
Bill Russell the master up the white beer
is Bill Russell now again not only winning 11 times in 13 years he had a
Hall of Famers including Bob Cousy
and he had an incredible coach with red auerbach but the statistics
do not lie for Bill Russell 15 points per game
20 2.5 rebounds per game four assists per game in his career those are his
career averages
12-time all-star team it be a magician you could say
on defense five regular-season and BP's
21,000 600 and 20 rebounds
in his career number one it should not even be a drum roll thought the drum
roll we don't even need it
number one to no surprise to anybody is the greatest of all time
Air Jordan his Aaron s Michael Jordan
now look Alta competitor check
winner check defensive player the year check
working in your check six-time NBA champion
check the impact that he had on the game and
not only with the Gatorade commercial the Nike commercials I wanna be like
all that stuff the whole nine yards it's true
everyone wanted to be like Michael Jordan he is the best that ever played
he was a master not a a master defensively he could shut down
anybody's number one the all-time a trash talker the
ultimate competitor you could put him as the ultimate competitor
number one by the way on that list as well that should be another West I think
but Michael Jordan incredible I mean it an incredible incredible player
5 a.m. BP's 10 scoring titles and
just again six at six finals on BP's as well but again he just changed the game
and the way the guys played Michael Jordan
the best of all time I wanna hear all your thoughts in the comments section
what exactly you think about my list I know I left off
Oscar Robertson I left of the brown James I know I know this was impossible
for me to do
tell me what you think about my list and also please do me a favor subscribe to
do it. swap
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Best NBA Players of All-Time!

3888 Folder Collection
Kuo-Hsun Hung published on September 5, 2014
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