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Do you think the Black Mamba can do this... He-yaaa. THis episode of Shot Mechanics is
brought to you by 94Fifty the first smart sensor basketball. Easily track your shots
speed, arc, and backspin. This system is loaded with too many options to go over. 94Fifty
the first ball to revolutionize basketball training. Hi I'm coach Collin Castellaw with
Shot and today we are going to learn Kobe Bryant's signature spin move.
Now Kobe Bryant is one of the NBA's masters at footwork and one reason why he is one of
the best scorers on the planet and one of the best scorers to ever play the game. So
let's break down his signature spin move to a finish and we will see how he does it. There
are a couple easily learned keys to Kobe's spin move. It all begins with your first dribble,
this should be a pound dribble launching the ball back up to your hand. The harder the
pound the quicker it will launch you into you spin. The next key is for Kobe Bryant
to keep the ball close to his body on his spin move this not only protects the ball
from the D but it makes him spin faster . Think about if you were spinning on a swing if you
kick your legs out you spin slower. The last key is to make sure your first step out of
the spin moves lands past the defenders hip. Notice that because Kobe Bryant extends his
las step so far the defenders feet are crossed and they have no chance to recover. Notice
that as soon as he comes out of his spin Kobe locates his target as quickly as possible.
Once you beat your defender a few times with this move you might want to counter with the
Mini Shimmy. Click the annotation in the upper left hand corner to find out how. So just
remember one of the most important parts of a spin move is that you have to pound that
basketball into the ground on your last dribble to get your body to whip around. And also
don't forget it works best if you can keep the ball close to your body that way your
spins quicker and because it is that time again and you guys are the best fans on the
internet we are going to do another giveaway so you can win. This ridiculously crisp D-Wade
jersey. Courtesy of our sponsor check out their website where they got awesome
deals on replica jerseys, jordan shoes, and also flat brim hats. And don't forget to show
us some love with a like comment or subscription and don't forget to check out
THis is by far the coolest training tool I have gotten my hands on and has revolutionized
the way I do personal trainings. The smart sensor basketball gives you realtime cues
on what you need to fix on your jumper. I'm not just saying it when I say I have been
blown away by the complexity and the accuracy of the app and the entire system. For those
of you who are planning on taking the next step in your basketball development you can't
afford not to get the 94Fifty ball! ANd all you got to do to be eligible to win the jersey
is leave a comment down below and tag at least 3 friends on Google+. If you tag 3 friends
it helps us grow other people see our videos and we could not be more grateful! Again I'm
coach Collin Castellaw with SHot and if you have not yet go check out our free
website with even more moves, drills, tips, and tutorials the are not on YouTube. Thanks
for watching no go get some buckets!
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Kobe Bryant Spin Move: Basketball Moves

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Chamber published on December 16, 2014
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