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  • what you making?

  • Uh, I'm making a pouch right now.

  • Out of duct tape, you might say a pouch like a kangaroo.

  • No, no, actually, a pouch for the world's largest sling shot of all time Way down the world's largest slingshot tree with swath way Have something special in store featuring lovers like Oh, yeah, I didn't think Let's do this.

  • Perfect.

  • In aces, the world's largest link shop.

  • Wait, wait, guys, if you missed it earlier, that's our dp.

  • That stands for do perfect slingshot.

  • Listen, you're an absolute champion.

  • You came from a tree came from a jury.

  • But you're not a tree anymore.

  • No, you're a slingshot.

  • You could have a blast with.

  • One is saying my favorite beverage in the entire world.

  • I hate to see you go out this way, but it's expired, so we're willing to let it happen.

  • All right, folks.

  • Oh, Tom.

  • Came all times coming up.

  • 55 milk.

  • I think this is the helium tank.

  • The empty helium.

  • Take launch emphasis on empty go fly Little helium tank fly.

  • Yeah.

  • Jeez, what's so hard about this?

  • She's really OK.

  • You launching out?

  • I We're launching my favorite dear buddy.

  • Bucky.

  • Everyone around you too hard.

  • It's really hard to get with you.

  • Oh, gosh!

  • Bucky's head came off Tie.

  • Oh, Bucky Savior subscribed out below.

what you making?

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