B2 High-Intermediate 16 Folder Collection
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what you making?
Uh, I'm making a pouch right now.
Out of duct tape, you might say a pouch like a kangaroo.
No, no, actually, a pouch for the world's largest sling shot of all time Way down the world's largest slingshot tree with swath way Have something special in store featuring lovers like Oh, yeah, I didn't think Let's do this.
In aces, the world's largest link shop.
Wait, wait, guys, if you missed it earlier, that's our dp.
That stands for do perfect slingshot.
Listen, you're an absolute champion.
You came from a tree came from a jury.
But you're not a tree anymore.
No, you're a slingshot.
You could have a blast with.
One is saying my favorite beverage in the entire world.
I hate to see you go out this way, but it's expired, so we're willing to let it happen.
All right, folks.
Oh, Tom.
Came all times coming up.
55 milk.
I think this is the helium tank.
The empty helium.
Take launch emphasis on empty go fly Little helium tank fly.
Jeez, what's so hard about this?
She's really OK.
You launching out?
I We're launching my favorite dear buddy.
Everyone around you too hard.
It's really hard to get with you.
Oh, gosh!
Bucky's head came off Tie.
Oh, Bucky Savior subscribed out below.
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Worlds Largest SlingSHOT | EXTENDED EDITION | Dude Perfect

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 26, 2020
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