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this'll is the light strike germ killing UV robots to sanitize and disinfect rooms at the western in the Texas Medical Center.
Until now, use of these high tech robots has only been in healthcare facilities such as MD Anderson.
We are the first hotel in the country adopted this technology.
We disinfected the surfaces of all of the bath amenities and place them in a bag so that when the guests arrive, they see it in this type of a packaging.
They can open it and feel a sense of comfort that this was actually a thoroughly decent Dr Sarah, Simmons says.
While chemical disinfection has always been the gold standard, this technology is a game changer, killing every germ.
The light touches now.
This is not to say that humans do a bad job cleaning, but sometimes we miss things.
Sometimes we don't hit one extra spot on a table, and that could be the spot where a bacteria or a virus could be.
So this is an extra layer of protection for guests.
For hotel guests like Pat and Alicia Curry, they say it's been very reassuring.
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Here Comes The Germ-Killing Robot

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 19, 2020
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