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Always been best known as a thriving fresh in town, and you still get crabs here.
But I'll get there before my gegen organs, corn and halls.
That's them over to the left of my van.
So I thought I'd show you my favorite fairy trip in Scotland because you get sort of Travellers Club if you don't have a bold woman.
This is a fairly Johnny from orbit over the old lords, the lords of tapes.
And what I love about it is the late changes over time.
It's a definite John.
They have a table.
You can see how even in the brakes and the clients it changes it, and it's starting to rain.
But like I used to think, Scott is beautiful, but it rains and then gradually it Eli Scotland's beautiful because it means so.
If he was amazing just to be here, Jen testing its eye and talk about something like the Scottish landscape because I used to watch Belic only you know, when I was younger and I love to be, he talked with such enthusiasm, and he's like, really a technical from Scottish mind, really.
But then I think a lot of people came after that.
You were saying things like, You know, they try and look terribly.
Some wedding toss to go Scotland, the land of contrasts.
Well, some of it, as some of it doesn't.
That's what makes it such a land of going trust.
I suppose what I feel is a lick.
It places gross.
They're my kind of fun size ago.
Imagine living over there.
It's a good, fun and safe, but then you saw realize it.
There's no shops.
She'll be dead in a week.
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Scotland is beautiful BECAUSE it rains | Frankie Boyle's Tour of Scotland | BBC Trailers

17 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 19, 2020
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