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  • He's right on the tip of my tongue.

  • But Hoskins Recent Google searches, crosswords.

  • I was stumped, others cheating on dhe.

  • Looking out, I got into crosswords doing theater because I was in Hamlet on Dhe Arcade.

  • Fortinbras Foreign brands basically comes on stage and everybody else dead.

  • This is a long, long, long wait until you get to come on, states.

  • And at that point, most dressing room's empty because they're onstage.

  • So you I started to be cross with Occupy my mind.

  • I'm just getting to grips with The New York Times.

  • One commits tricky.

  • I mean, they invent their own words.

  • Crime.

  • Maybe I'm using their own dictionary.

  • One of them recently had a lot to do.

  • The line king.

  • I know I've never seen it.

  • So yes, I didn't know the characters, names and stuff like that.

  • So I had cheated on, booked him up.

  • I do this thing yesterday.

  • So some of the questions that they were RC where what would I consider to be a movie that defines Britishness?

  • Thous.

  • Tricky because depending on what part of Britain from you could really piss people off for the answer that question and say Trainspotting of course that Scotland on, They probably aren't going to like it.

  • If you say that's your quintessential British.

  • But depending on what where you come from in England, it's very difficult to say what one movie is essentially British.

  • But I would say that the best definition of the curse of being British was offered up by John Crease in a fish called Wonder That is that you're in constant fear of embarrassing such a Google.

  • Google searching Craig Masn's novel put cars off the every episode.

  • He was then post a podcast.

  • Talking about that specific episode was like I've found really fascinating because Craig beforehand, but never you don't have the opportunity to go into that much detail.

  • And it's really fascinating peer into his thought process and understand how he constructed this narrative.

  • One of the things that people are responding to the story is there's a very clear analogy towards the climate debate that's going on at the moment and the denial of the science on this refusal.

  • Thio confront that problem.

  • It's a masterful piece of a construction of narrative construction, so I'm putting holes in months.

  • Education is a very good tool.

He's right on the tip of my tongue.

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What Emmy nominee Jared Harris is searching for

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