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  • Washington State this evening, where a least 29 people have now died.

  • The governor now issuing a series of mandates tonight, including limiting visitors to nursing homes.

  • And, tonight, images of families peering through windows to check on their loved ones.

  • Resident of the life care center in Kirkland, visiting by phone with her daughter and son in law, seated outside the window.

  • There and in Oakland, California, Zay passengers are still coming off that cruise ship taken to four sites in the U.

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  • C's chief national correspondent Mac, up in from California tonight.

  • Tonight, in the epicenter of the nation's Corona virus outbreak, the virus ferociously attacking the elderly with Seattle silence and families left to peer into nursing homes for a glimpse at family members or blow kisses from afar.

  • News that 10 nursing homes and care centers now report cases of the virus.

  • The grim reality is that for the elderly, covert 19 is almost a perfect killing machine.

  • 22 of the state's 26 fatalities in the life care center alone.

  • And there you can see workers from a disaster recovery team in those HAZ mat suits and during the facility in an attempt to disinfect it in hopes of staving off more fatalities.

  • Washington Governor Jay Inslee closing schools, banning groups of over 250 warning those violating the band's What are the penalties exactly?

  • Not abiding by the penalties are you might be killing your granddad if you don't do it, the governor saying.

  • The fatalities have mostly struck people who are both elderly and ill and San Francisco taking those similar measures banning groups of over 1000 from congregating and nearby San Jose at the airport, three TSA agents contracting the virus 40 miles away in Oakland, the Grand Princess still dockside off boarding passengers for the third consecutive day teams and has Matt suits processing them.

  • So far, more than half of the passengers taken off.

  • But according to some of the passengers, that processing ahead of quarantine has been too slow.

  • Nothing is happening again, so let's get back to Mac up again with us tonight and that we saw something today that drew immediate attention and really drove home why officials say we must slow the spread of this disease.

  • Take a look.

  • I know you saw it, Matt.

  • What many call the need to flatten the curve.

  • There's a line through the middle of this.

  • You can see they're red.

  • They're the forecast.

  • If we don't take protective measures that spike above the line, there are the people who would not be able to get into hospitals around this country.

  • The blue is that this is spread out over time.

  • It keeps the number at least somewhat more manageable for hospitals across this country and Matt.

  • That's why authorities are trying to buy some time with what they call social distancing.

  • For you and me, that just simply means informing the public to try to stay away from crowds here.

  • That's right, and ideally, they would have therapeutics and vaccinations to both flatten the curve and delay it.

  • But they don't have that.

  • So they're banning crowds, closing schools, anything to avoid AA lot of human contact in the reason for that, David is they do not want the public health care system to be overwhelmed.

  • But we are already seeing a faint glimmer of that.

  • The president today warning that he foresees a shortage in protective masks for health care workers.

  • Hi, everyone, George Stephanopoulos here.

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Washington State this evening, where a least 29 people have now died.

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