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  • such an important part of yourself Care routine, I think, like having those special moments that you create for yourself.

  • Do you find yourself leaning even more into those things with your pregnancy?

  • Yeah, I d'oh, I'm I'm I always I did this with Evie to I become very earth mama ish.

  • You know, I really connect more too.

  • Everything.

  • You're super sensitive.

  • And so you you're just really much more connected, period, cause you're growing a life inside of you.

  • So I do.

  • I think about that, and I'm trying to take more time.

  • I love a bath, and I love some self care.

  • It's a little bit different, because this time I'm I have a tall there to chase after.

  • So, like, I remember when I was pregnant with heavy, I was like, What am I gonna do today?

  • You know, it was like, let me just wake up and go to lunch.

  • You know, like whatever there now it's like you got a schedule and I'm working on top of it, and there's just a little bit more to do.

  • So I'm really trying to find more time thio two classes and meditate and do the yoga kind of classes you do.

  • I've been taking a Pilates class, and I do plot is sort of a private with the bloody teacher.

  • I have so found this meditation place in L.

  • A called the den that I go to that you can just sort of pop in and try meditation and and I'm prenatal yoga I'm getting into and all that's coming stuff.

  • It's like it's important you don't want to be over, and then you didn't take any time for it.

  • And I think it's there's something about being calm and your pregnancy instead of all the anxiety and I mean that I think there's a lot of things where you can choose anxiety.

  • Yes, or you can choose to, like, make a Peruvian bath and just chill.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • I mean, I think all that time sort of spending that time and having these last couple years to really kind of create that connection helped me a lot.

  • I'm I think I'm a lot more chill.

  • Tamerlan's probably my chill.

  • Yeah.

  • So the book, what do you hope people sort of take away from it, or what was your intention in writing it?

  • Um, I wanted people to feel what I feel with, like the importance of creating a connection with something greater, also understanding that there is a graceful way to find balance and to go through challenges in life and to remember who we really are at the end of the day, and to remember that as you're making your decisions and you want to connect with people on, go through tough times and all of that, I kind of wanted to be a book where you just open up and you can flip to any page and you can read it and just gain something that you take with you throughout the day.

  • You know, it could be, doesn't to be front to back and kind of be opened up.

such an important part of yourself Care routine, I think, like having those special moments that you create for yourself.

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