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  • what made you happiest today.

  • Well, the desire, attitude, commitments, the connection between fans and players on the team.

  • Because what today they have today, both the players on the funds there has been, of course, they make us defend.

  • That's just the type of team they are.

  • But our fans can see players with commitment and attitude and desire than that's we've done our job.

  • Then it's Ah, as a court today.

  • When we spoke before the game, you said We need to be on the front foot.

  • Is that exactly what you got?

  • Well, I think so.

  • I think we, uh times press them and push them back and weigh were trying to be aggressive with the wing backs and three up front.

  • We ended up with three at the back.

  • So when we hit the press, I think we made them make mistakes.

  • Something, of course, the we're happy with your sole count.

  • I can't put a finger on anything but times you'd like to defend with the ball in the team sometimes, but I'm not gonna complain.

  • Clever, clever First goal straight off the training ground.

  • Straight off they hit.

  • Hit it off.

  • Antony and Bruno on.

  • But Bruno is that type of player that we of course, we got set routines, and I've seen them do it before.

  • How much you enjoy the victory, but also how much you admire the resilience you showed in that second half.

  • Well, it's a privilege to be a manager or a squad.

  • Players like with this attitude.

  • It's because they give us absolutely everything they've got every time they play and that you can't ask for more, we're gonna improve.

  • We're gonna improve us a team.

  • We're gonna improve their going to improve its players because, you know, there's two or three times today.

  • Head up on the score.

  • Gold.

  • There's twice done.

  • James could just square it for once for Bruno, one for Anthony Intonation squared for Bruno.

  • Those little things will come, but it's a privilege to because they want to learn as well.

  • And they listen.

  • Thio.

  • The advice we give him.

  • What did you make of friends?

  • Booking for simulation penalty?

  • That's it.

  • If you've turned a corner of late with results, how much does they feel like Maur than three points?

  • Well, of course, it's it's R B funds.

  • Love it.

  • The players love it.

  • It's sometimes you can say it's only three points but for our players, too.

  • To beat a team as man city with the problems that we've had is well, is fantastic.

  • So I'm just delighted for them.

  • Way play against an absolute top top team.

  • And of course, you know we have to defend.

  • And they had possession.

  • But we're delighted with the outcome.

  • I'm not sure you could see much through the rain.

  • But who were you looking for?

  • Right at the end of the final whistle?

  • My family.

  • Was there a lovely moment?

  • You enjoy?

  • Of course.

  • Thanks.

what made you happiest today.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer delighted with his side after Manchester derby win

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    林宜悉 posted on 2020/03/19
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