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tell, sir.
Way to put it up.
Got my main hope Put up straight off the black hole.
Put it up.
Last fire is put up straight out The bank Put it up here about going up.
I got along with the rest home and ever made with us.
We got a club just doing my house.
Got a really good run.
My house.
I gotta wash my risk of the house.
My best Keep in my house.
Make sleep in her hotel now.
And when you taught me talking on Captain your damn day looking like taps I was always waiting for the Paps people.
Army bitch!
My lap Beverly here that.
But it still had a rather that scratch down in this camp Stern Many of like a smart aleck to be Rather turn, baby, get late Middle men get better Troubled Rest, Broots.
Dhammika killer too.
You have my expert among the foot ruffles Lean back in the backs of sunlight Shutters alive Said I love back started bitch like on my mind keeps stick on a seat Hearts beat I'm a zone six Nick and rat and fucking bitch In the time I get burned Beach week five My girl.
You need a way Bigger surf But west down my plane got mashed up with Vegas.
Well, try forgot Middle quitting jobs.
Then I give them to my next.
I gave a lot of start up when they put her hand around.
I sent my Ethiopian and pray at the temple.
I felt her heart with diamonds.
Just praying.
She takes hold of water.
Some for me.
Ben Efficient.
She caught the Holy Ghost when I am president.
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Future & Young Thug - No Cap (Super Slimey)

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 19, 2020
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