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  • From rain boots, to parachutes, to blue jeans, and heart machines,

  • there is perhaps no other industry that affects our lives more than the chemical industry.

  • In fact, more than 96% of all manufactured goods

  • are directly touched by the chemical industry.

  • Chemical production has a wide range of hazards requiring different

  • levels of control to keep companies and their communities safe.

  • These hazards range from virtually zero for some products to very serious for others.

  • The good news is that environmental, health, safety and security programs exist

  • to give businesses a way of verifying that theyre manufacturing as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible.

  • This can include meeting federal regulations, or reducing pollution levels.

  • Multi-national manufacturers can devote significant resources to implement their programs.

  • However, the bad news is that this can be challenging for small chemical manufacturers.

  • Some companies don’t have a lot of time and money

  • for an environmental, health, safety and security program.

  • Some might rely on expensive consultants to guide them through complicated regulations.

  • Others use programs that aren’t suited to their operations and grow frustrated with the requirements.

  • Luckily, there are environmental, health, safety, and security programs

  • specifically designed to be the right fit for different kinds of chemical companies.

  • For example, Bill knew that his plant was due for an audit, which can be scary to think of.

  • So, Bill looked into SOCMA’s ChemStewards® program

  • to address his environmental, health, safety and security requirements.

  • Bill’s team documented their processes and used feedback

  • from other manufacturers to improve their operations.

  • Once his facility became certified, Bill felt confident

  • in showing his customers and government auditors how well his plant runs.

  • When a company is certified, it tells people inside the plant and out

  • that they have looked at everything they do, made it better,

  • written it all down, and then proved it to someone else.

  • Not all chemical companies are the same.

  • The industry has greatly improved the environmental, health, safety and security levels of chemical production.

  • But there is no ONE process improvement program

  • to meet the needs of every chemical manufacturer big and small.

  • Companies must choose the program that’s right for their business.

From rain boots, to parachutes, to blue jeans, and heart machines,

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