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Before April 1954,
the common belief, the universal belief
because it had been tried again & again & again, and people had failed
the belief was that man was not physically capable
of breaking the 4 minute barrier, that he could not
run a mile in less than 4 minutes.
When something happens to them, they begin to believe that that's the way it is.
That's the way it's always been.
And they can't see the possibility of it being any different.
(250 yards to go and Bannister takes over)
(watch his giant stride take him to the front)
(as he races the last lung-bursting... )
Roger Bannister came along
and he broke the 4-minute barrier!
Since that time, up to this day
Over 20,000 people have done it...
including high-school kids!
Twenty thousand people! What changed?
Here's what happened when they got on the track:
They knew it had been done!
And because they knew it had been done,
there was a new belief!
...about this barrier that was "unreachable".
And those twenty thousand people got in a race believing
knowing in their heart that someone had done it
that it's possible
that they could do it
if someone can make that dream become a reality,
then you can make YOUR dream become reality
Eyesight and mindsight...
Eyesight is judging on what you see...
...judging according to appearances...
but mindsight is how you interpret what you see.
One guy said, "its not possible, it's over, I'm finished! I can't do it. I can't make it."
He surrendered!
"I've faced rejection again and again, I'm not going anymore! There are no jobs out there!"
But this other guy, he felt that in spite of the "no's" and rejections...
...in spite of how bad the economy is, in spite of what the newspapers are saying...
that it's possible. That "somebody somewhere, will give me a job."
He just kept going! Thinking it was possible.
And guess what ladies and gentlemen? That's what we have to do with our dreams.
Because things happen to ya in life, that you can never ever anticipate.
And many times when those things happen, you wanna give up!
Easy is not an option.
It's hard living! Life is hard...
See it's hard when, when you are forty-nine years old, been working on a job for seventeen years...
...and they come in and tell you "you're finished" and give you one week's severance pay.
And you gotta start all over again.
It's hard handling just the tragedies of life. It's hard.
When you're working on something, and, and you put everything you have in it...
...and it doesn't work out -- you lose your money and other people's money.
Know what I discovered? When you're working at your dream, somebody said:
"the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory!"
It's good to ya -- why? See...
...what you become in the process that's more important than the dream!
That's far more important!
The kind of person you become
the character that you build,
the courage that you develop,
the faith that you're manifesting!
Oh it's, it's something that-- you get up, you look yourself in the mirror...
you're a different kind of person, you walk with a different kind of spirit.
You've got to have that kind of courage, that type of determination, if you wanna make it happen.
It's you.
You've got to take personal responsibility to make it happen.
You must have faith!
You've gotta believe in yourself!
You've got to believe in your abilities,
you`ve got to believe in your service, your company, your ideas!
You`ve got to have faith, and that faith gives you...
But it`s not gonna happen as quickly as you want it to happen!
New Voice: It`s yo` dream -- if you want it to happen -- get yo' butt up and make it happen!
If you want it to happen -- rise and grind!
I dare you not to go back to sleep!
I dare you to get up!
And I dare you to chase yo' dreams!
Old Voice: It's possible you can win!
Whatever comes to you, don't run from it. Don't try and duck it, like most people do...
...drive toward it!
You wanna make your dreams come true? You gotta stay focused!
Some people'd rather get even, than get ahead!
Stay focused on where you wanna go!
Where're you going with your life?
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BELIEVE by Mateusz M - Motivational Video

32048 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on January 27, 2014
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