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Alright, here we are
in our second installment. Lets take a look at our
retail store in Jackson Hole.
it's a walking through. They are still doing some
of the final touches here. The guys are painting the exterior right now and we are going to be open for business next week. Lets cruise on in.
This is a pretty unique feature in the store.
We have this huge glass box
that creatures our segway to the other retail areas. We also have our window box that will have an exterior display. Another neat feature is
this giant barn door we built. And, wave through there.
And this would be to segregate our store from their store
in hours where we may not be open but they are open.
As we move through the store you can see its
come a long way since uh...the last time we videoed.
The wood flooring I was describing in the last video is all in now.
So the idea behind
the Stio store was to reflect on our apparel line.
What we did with the store was to try and
create a modern sensibility but have it grounded
with the materials we used as well.
A fairly modern design. Progressive design but grounded with all these materials
which is very similar with what we are trying to do with our apparel.
Modern sensibility and modern materials grounded with traditional
values and design sensibility.
Another one of the cool elements in the store is
this giant embellishment
of our pine cone logo
which again we did on the apple core ply.
This was really cool project
that our architect
has a high-tech ciency machine
that cut all this out and
you can see it
has dimension to it
which was really important to us to add some dimension, gravity and weight to the ply.
So it's actually four different pieces that
are comprised and sectioned off.
But we think it came out pretty cool. We are really stoked about it.
So come visit Liz and the rest of the crew
at Stio's store when we open
next week. We can't wait to show you all the product.
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Stio - Jackson Retail Store Tour

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阿多賓 published on January 27, 2014
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