B1 Intermediate 13 Folder Collection
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You guys waited.
Don't cook the cocoa.
My word You give your whole I got local, but I shot her in the country.
I ain't giving not the arbiter.
I give it up.
Seven out of coffee.
Come on, Presidential face.
Ah Hock.
It even does have you with like a diet thing goes kaput.
I'll skip the court steps on my blue chip in sports.
Get him in.
Okay, but take a cut.
Okay, Ready?
We get miles around.
You're doing a row weekend?
Don't mind.
I need 20 men.
Need good dress.
Beach doctor coming.
Be happy.
I get beat.
Cocky bit my leg.
Amorous grand A month on a big They know I'm making a freestyle.
Don't make my wrist Watch me.
Other What better around through here?
Out of my damn clear booth Hermits belt out on my tank, boy hustling in the field with all I had my mama shelter a few pills, but I want to try to spend a few years.
She had cash on hand today.
That ate my last Well, with things going, I'm taking No Hey, I got your hair with just like a baby later.
Don't cook the cocoa might of birds get your I got local, but I showed up at the country and giving up the RV.
No, I give it a seven out of coffee.
Cup of presidential faith Hockett packed with people.
And I think Skip request, He steps on the loose chip in the sport.
OK, butter.
Chicken cutter.
Okay, way.
Get miles around.
Okay, go.
You're doing that Rome weekend.
Don't mind tonight.
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Future - Feed Me Dope (Super Slimey)

13 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 18, 2020
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