B2 High-Intermediate 18 Folder Collection
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Yeah, it's a critical again Like this.
Excelled at 47 my train dream in time gone life.
Woz, Did I wake you?
No, that's more like a ghost from Dusty's.
Ever normal, I think.
I think you go with the, uh, for the video for babies.
And we save on stupid Igman in thee and even dating yet.
Except Sean on the gag.
A bank director, mine, even director money.
My ex.
I'll think about it.
Neelix, it's not fair full of us from is it on stem?
DEA could come back later in man team.
I'm doctor tested.
This music extent all is Jarvis.
Look and talk.
And to not funny for decadent Medina.
Need final Carter later on Matters l've dimension in a cultural crap.
Later Phoenix from Acne Opie Any off the MN team except by our ex adored rock.
Mattei's Atone Buster, Madam, dissolved by the Kurds.
Blanked Bakula.
Staple and sing.
But I am no cracks in tow scheme.
Talent is that zoo is a wise Avila bringing musical.
Okay, Super Deng.
Jerry said Mom, Adult stem off me a pop.
Leeches Self scum Using after hill may be new to that clinic.
There's four died Money hoped out the best for Mikey said Hello.
My equal Main Mile Need singer and a villa Mitchell Gordon Kombucha.
Even oven over.
Theft the mayo in about minutes.
Gonna bring about a year.
Okay, numerous.
Come bring it that I'm very candid about Nick.
You know, dinks left the elsewhere in the musical comeback could be seen that way You look after him on these thieves.
Get your best except for making things, Inspector.
Here a musical.
Never come bringing those Hillman beautiful.
I'm looking in the voice and you move Torquemada River and on foreign it's the new broom You Tate is sick and they come to me either and singer donkey musical doing the licorice The veil of making a musical doorbell oId color in the musical Been off you creating musical Can Dallas film with myself in a bit of record for this from that Did you notice anything called a folk music?
Oh can hear this event held by Newton Salome of 60 camp not perfect.
The new moon on machine, All in the chronology Converting it well the best of me.
Oh, way, Mike, This is the cave of rocket.
Yeah, but Nathan Booth, any other mix up?
It's all yours.
Yes, Thank you, Analyst.
Under way.
You see my name idea Getting released from magazine.
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Indy - 'I Dreamed A Dream' | Blind Auditions | The Voice Kids | VTM

18 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 18, 2020
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