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guys today.
I wanted to put together some outfits of the week.
I'm really looking forward to this next week and I love the look off all of these outfits together.
The color scheme is really cool, so let's get started.
By the way, some of these pieces are new in that I bought and others were gifted to me from ever lean.
And then some of them are olds, and you've probably seen them in a few other videos as well.
So a whole mix today.
I want to start with this first outfit, which is a jumpsuit.
It's ever Lane's new cotton jumpsuit and is in this color toasted coconut.
I find that that's a really pretty color for, like, summertime when you've got a tan like, it's just a really pretty color.
I chose this color specifically for that.
It's a color that I've seen them have in the past.
I just wanted to try it with the jump suit and then also I really like the fact that these pockets in the front are like this square shaped, and I find that that's a really beautiful compliment to where you know I have more of a pear shape, and it just does some really cool tricks there.
Visually, I also find that it's really comfortable to wear without a belt but first cinching at the waist.
I think that that's really flattering as well, and I just like to have it tied in the back.
So for shoes, I went with something that's an SP drill.
These are ones that I have been wanting for so long as a good white pair, and I finally found them.
I also love that it has an extra inch of height at the bottom, and that's just bringing me to a whole new level.
Like I feel like the air is thinner up here and it's just really great.
This whole outfit together has a beautiful summary vibe, but it still looks put together.
You know, it's not super casual, and I just love the effortless look of this.
Who's next outfit is for those unbelievably hot days.
I love this outfit and the way that they're from two different companies, the top in the bottom, and yet the colors actually match really well.
So the top is wrong.
Flirty mall.
It's a bodysuit, and I just love this like army green color.
I've got this in a black as well and just having this color, I feel it is again such a great color for, like, summertime and then for the pants.
I have got these ones, which are from ever lane there, the easy Chino short and I like the fact that it's a lot like they're easy chinos.
It's just like the short version.
So it's got this waistband here that makes life a lot easier, and it's such a thin fabric to that.
It's really comfortable.
And yet it doesn't feel, you know, like it feels not sloppy, you know, it feels put together, and yet it still is just a really comfortable pair of shorts that is still like fun.
It doesn't have to be too serious, either, and I wanted to dress it up, though with some heels.
So these air my by far mules and I've just been wearing thes to death.
I almost returned these a while back when I when they first arrived because I didn't know if they were going to be something that I wear all the time.
But I've found that I wear them almost every day so I find that the investment is worth it, but also give you guys some dupes as well.
For these so altogether.
I think that this outfit is really fun and casual, and yet it's dressed up with the hell and I just love, like the earthy tones of this is.
Well, this next outfit is a little bit more on the formal side, but still very comfortable and seasonal.
So this top is a raw silk top that is off the shoulder and kind of a puffed sleeve as well.
And I've just been really drawn to that lately.
I also love thes pants.
They are from Elizabeth, Suzanne and Elizabeth.
Suzanne, I've I can like you guys over to my warm weather collection with her just so cool toc amazing fabrics and just beautiful craftsmanship.
I've just been a fan for a very long time, and then I'm just wearing thes by far shoes.
I just love them.
I wear them all the time.
So all together I feel like this outfit comes together really well with the neutral palette.
And then also I just love that is she.
But it still is like showing a little bit of skin and really comfortable and a little bit sexy, too.
So for this outfit, it's a little bit more formal, but you could definitely wear it for everyday use.
And so it's actually like a picnic dress from every lane, so I can definitely see like this would be perfect for if you're laying around just having a lovely picnic.
But then also, I think it's also appropriate for things like a daytime wedding would be really lovely as well.
And so again, I'm just wearing those espadrilles with outfit for more of a casual look.
And then I also just love a few features about this dress.
Not only is the back stretchy, it's elasticized within the straps as well are adjustable and as he is really cute that the way that you adjust them is through buttons on the back, and then it also comes in some other patterns, so it's got some striped patterns as well that are lovely, but I went with this just classic Navy dress.
I don't own a lot of Navy, and so I was hoping to add one navy piece to my closet while not having it something like a top or bottom, where I might confuse it for black.
So it's just kind of nice to be able to wear something that's a dark navy.
And then wearing thes light white shoes with it is a really great combo.
I also love the buttons all the way down the front.
I think on online they have it where it's tied in the front.
But again, I just love it whenever I can tie something in the back.
I think that's just really pretty.
So this final outfit is something really fun.
I just love the color scheme in it.
It's this apricot color which these patch pocket shorts from every lane.
I actually have the other two colors that I shared earlier, and I decided to round it out and get the last color in it because they are the most flattering shorts I think I've ever had.
I just love that they're stretchy but still kind of tight on me, and then they're not tight in the areas where I don't want them tight, like around my the leg openings here.
I just feel like they are not like tugging around my leg.
It all, and that gives a really flattering look, and then the little cute square pockets in the front are adorable.
But I also love this top kind of balancing out my proportions even more.
I'm just being pear shaped.
I prefer to kind of balance that out a little bit.
And so this top is doing wonders.
The puff sleeves, I think, really balance out my proportions a lot, and I think that's why I've been so drawn to them this season.
I also love the fact that the back in the front have this, like square opening and then right around the bus.
It gives just a little bit extra proportions here to kind of just balance everything out.
And yet it still is kind of sexy and comfortable because of the back again has this elasticized back, which is stretchy, and then it also just shows a little bit of skin, but not very much, because these shorts are kind of high waisted so altogether.
I just love the look of this outfit.
The pattern on this, by the way, is adorable.
I think they're sold out of this right now, but I can link you guys over to the adored vintage site where I got it from.
And that can really help you guys, like, find a lot of adorable pieces that they have over there.
I hope that you love these outfits.
Be sure to like and subscribe and share this video.
Um, and I just hope that you're having an awesome week in a start to your summer.
That's excellent.
I'll see you guys next time.
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Week of Outfits - Summer Outfit Ideas X Everlane

10 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 18, 2020
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