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Cameras are everywhere.
Wherever you go, you're always being watched.
Except on airplanes!
Why are there no cameras in the cabin?
And which places are watching you, but shouldn’t be?
You’ll want to know this!...
1) Why are there no cameras on airplanes?
The real question is, why would there be?
CCTV cameras are installed to monitor order in stores, banks, hospitals, and similar public
If something happens, you can call the police or rescuers.
In an airplane, the crew keeps order.
If something serious goes down, there’s not much they can do, and not much a camera
will help with.
Plus, eye-witness accounts from plenty of surrounding passengers serve the same purpose
as a camera would.
Since cabin recordings aren’t needed, why spend money on CCTV?
2) Is the same true for all forms of transport?
Of course not – I’m sure you’ve seen cameras in subway cars, buses, and trams.
These types not only record needed proof if something goes wrong, they can also recognize
A great asset for catching bad guys!
They also send geolocation data to control centers so that help can be dispatched ASAP.
But the coolest thing is that some cameras are installed in the driver's cab.
It can detect the slightest signs that the driver is falling asleep or feeling unwell.
3) Where else are CCTV cameras used?
If you live in a pretty big city, you’ve seen them everywhere – on roads, telephone
poles, almost every building entrance, in the park, on trees.
It looks like global surveillance, but there are pluses to this.
Any person can contact the main center where all these videos send their footage, and they’ll
get recordings if any incident occurs.
4) Can you watch the live footage?
Sure can!
There are sites where you can access many city cameras even in other countries!
You can watch what’s happening on the other side of the globe just like that, through
your computer.
One filmmaker even made a whole movie just from footage taken by real city CCTV cameras!
5) How do cameras see in the dark?
They don't, actually.
There's no night vision device that will work in absolute darkness.
But if there's a small source of light that the human eye can't notice, then the camera
will record it and show this through that famous green image.
The camera converts invisible (for humans) objects in the dark into visible ones using
special optic lenses.
Then it adds brightness and contrast so that your eyes can pick it up.
6) Who’s watching you without your knowing, and what can you do to stop it?
Unfortunately, there are cases when cameras are installed where they shouldn’t be by
Whether you’re renting an apartment, staying as a guest at someone’s house, or in a hotel,
you can’t always count on people to be honest.
So, check the place for hidden cameras:
– Let’s start with the bathroom and bedroom.
Statistically, secret cameras are most often installed there.
Some have been found inside hotel showerheads and even tiny cameras hidden within the coat
hook on the stall door of a public restroom!
Your phone can help you do a thorough search, but more on that in a bit…
– Study electrical appliances carefully.
Smoke or motion detectors are popular spots.
Hidden cameras may not be visible, but you'll recognize the lenses.
– Don’t forget the furniture – shelf corners, cabinets, near the bed.
Even a superficial inspection can detect them.
– Check small details: lampshades, picture frames, clocks, and the most popular: the
eyes of plush toys.
Even if you didn't find anything, you can cover up suspicious objects with a patch or
chewing gum.
Ok, now get out your phone.
Let’s give this room an even better scanning that your eye might not have caught…
– Turn on the flashlight, and move it slowly around the room.
The camera lens will shine a little, and you should be able to spot the glare.
– The front camera of your phone can see infrared radiation.
Turn off the light, close the curtains, and walk around the room with the front camera
turned on.
If a hidden camera is installed, then you’ll notice a small flash on your phone screen.
– Modern cameras can be smaller than a fingernail, making them next to impossible to find.
But you can at least disrupt their work.
For example, using a Wi-Fi jammer, you interfere with the network and the signal to the camera.
And if you know where the WI-FI router is, you can simply turn it off so that the camera
loses the signal.
You can also check out the App Store for programs that help you find cameras connected to WI-FI.
– Finally, be extremely careful around ATMs!
Offenders can install cameras in or around them to see your PIN.
Whenever you punch in your number, always cover the area with your other hand.
But hold on, now – you’re not done yet…
7) It’s not just cameras you should be worried about!
Two-way mirrors are used instead of CCTV cameras in plenty of places, even when they shouldn’t
The name is a bit misleading – the observing goes only one way: anyone on the hidden side
sees you, but you can’t see them!
When used properly – like interrogation rooms and grocery stores, these mirrors create
a real observing system that will work even when the power is out.
When they’re hanging where they’re not supposed to be – like public restrooms,
store changing rooms, and hotels – then you’ve got some more detective work to do:
– Check out the wall first.
If the mirror seems to just be hanging on it (versus being built into it), then it’s
probably ok.
– Turn out the lights, and try to peak into it.
You can also shine your phone’s flashlight into the mirror.
If there’s a secret room on the other side, then you might get a glimpse.
You can also knock on the glass.
A room behind the mirror will produce a “hollow” sound.
– The most famous is the fingernail trick: put your finger on the glass like you’re
pointing at your reflection.
If there’s a small gap between your fingertip and its reflection, then it’s probably just
a standard mirror.
If there’s no gap, then it could be a two-way mirror!
(Try the other tips to be sure!)
But back to CCTV…
8) How do modern home surveillance cameras work?
The short answer is through Wi-Fi.
That way, the recording can be tracked in real-time, from any device – phone, computer,
And if the signal and image disappear or strange movement is caught, you’ll receive an instant
alert about this to your device.
People install cameras not only to protect their house from thieves.
You can keep an eye on your pets while you’re away, or check that the babysitter is doing
their job!
9) If you want a home security system, how can you choose the right camera?
You should pay attention to several things: – The camera's hardware: it needs to withstand
high and low temperatures if you install it outside.
– The viewing angle and focus: the larger the focus, the better the picture quality,
but the smaller the viewing angle will be.
With a wider viewing angle, quality goes down.
Your best bet is to settle somewhere in the golden middle!
– Camera sensitivity: it should recognize objects even in the dark.
– The price: obviously, you get what you pay for.
You can find high-quality cameras for thousands of dollars.
They have an impeccable image, to the point you’ll feel like you’re watching a movie,
not a CCTV recording!
10) What if you can’t spend money on cameras, but want to protect your home?
- You can take a chance and use a fake.
A thief can be scared away or a person may behave more correctly when they see a security
camera, whether it works or not.
In fact, some of the cameras you see in stores, on the street, in hotels, the office – they
could be fake because everyone wants to save a buck!
- You can use your phone and computer webcam as a CCTV camera system.
There are special apps that activate them from a distance.
Suppose you want to check if everything’s okay at home.
You open the app on your phone, and it shows you the picture that the laptop camera records.
And there’s Fido – being a good boy, as always!
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There Is No Sense to Install Cameras on Airplanes, Here's Why

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 18, 2020
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