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Hello, you two.
You one.
I saw you.
I met you at the Golden Globes.
Good to see you again.
We have never met.
And it's so-- you're just brilliant.
Thank you.
You're brilliant.
I mean, congratulations on the Academy Award
and this movie, which is so, so good.
And thanks for being here, because you've got to be tired.
I mean, you've never acted before.
This is your first film.
You're nominated for a Golden Globe,
then you're at the Oscars.
And I mean, this must be crazy for you to all of a sudden
have all this.
I mean, I've played a daffodil in the school play.
So I-- yeah.
Stood in the back and like--
Well, yeah, you were prepared.
Like that.
I just saw that.
I saw and that's what I saw in you.
He's a daffodil.
My inner daffodil.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I thought, there's a daffodil.
If there's a kid that can play a daffodil, he's in this movie.
He can play anything at all.
This movie-- I have to tell you that I really
had heard so much about it, but I didn't watch it for a while,
because I was like, how do you make a movie about Hitler
and Nazis in that time period of history funny?
I just didn't get it.
I didn't really-- and I really resisted
watching it for a while.
And then I finally, you know, watched it.
And Portia and I, we've watched it twice now,
and I'm sure I'll watch it again with other people.
I just tell everybody about it.
It's one of my favorite films ever of all time.
And it's funny, it's moving, it--
explain to everyone what it is.
That's really tough to explain.
How would you describe it?
Well, it's about-- it's about--
you describe it.
No one wants to.
No one wants to describe this film.
Oh, put the pressure on a 12-year-old.
It's about a little boy who's indoctrinated into the Hitler
Youth who discovers a girl, a Jewish girl,
living in his attic.
She's hiding in his house.
And for him, he's never met a Jew before
and only knows what he's been taught in the Hitler Youth
And so for him it's like having this sort of monster sort
of like living in his house.
And he has to deal with that, and the only way
he can deal with that is with his imaginary friend, who--
is Hitler.
--is Hitler.
Who is Hitler.
And Hitler is-- you're hilarious.
But it's just-- it's a movie also about--
it's exactly that.
When you are only told something about a group of people
and that's what you think of them and everyone else around
you thinks that until you meet someone and go, oh,
that's not what that person is.
So it's about love and acceptance
and an open-mindedness, like especially of a young boy,
that just all of a sudden learns to think for himself.
It's about learning to think for yourself
and not falling into the trap of just following the group
and, you know, the trends of opinions
about different cultures, and learning to be more
accepting of other cultures and other people.
What's-- yeah, what--
No, you go.
You go.
I love this film because, when those kids saw Jojo Rabbit they
were like, I think the message of the film is to see things
through your own eyes and not through someone else's.
It's great.
It's a beautiful film.
Thank you.
All right.
We have to take a break.
We'll be back and talk more after this.
We're back with Taika Waititi and Roman Griffin Davis
from Jojo Rabbit, and I am urging everyone
that I know to see this movie because I love it so much.
Did you thank everybody you wanted to thank?
No, I mean the thing with--
this is actually one of the better awards
because with writing you don't have to thank anyone.
I mean, I did all the typing.
There was no one else.
It was just you.
It was just me.
I mean I like to say I share the thing with the producers
and with my mom, who introduced me to the book that I adapted.
But she didn't do any of the typing.
I did that.
So she can come and look at it, but I'm not
sharing it with anyone.
So you wrote it, you directed it, and you're Hitler.
Did you want to cast--
[LAUGH] In the film.
Did you-- just in the film, yes.
Did you want to cast someone else
as Hitler, was that the idea?
And then you decided to do it?
Or how do you do that?
Well, Searchlight, who made the film, they said,
we only really want to make it if you play Hitler.
Me, not you.
Oh, because I--
Yeah, you were unavailable.
I thought you meant you wanted me to play it.
No, we asked.
And it made no sense to me.
Because look at me.
I'm way too good looking to play Hitler.
But I guess if it had been like an actual actor, somebody
who could act, I feel like it would have detracted a bit.
Like a celebrity would have detracted from the story.
Yeah, it definitely would have detracted.
And I think that you are hilarious
and Rebel Wilson's hilarious.
I mean, there's some really hilarious moments in there,
What is next for you?
Are you going to act again?
So I'm actually doing my mother's project
with Keira Knightly.
She wrote it and she's now directing it and I can't wait.
Oh, that's great.
It's in a couple of weeks, so, yeah.
OK, good.
And what are you doing next?
I'm going to move to Australia and do another Thor
film with Chris Hemsworth.
Oh, wow.
That's fantastic.
All right, well Jojo Rabbit is in select theaters
and comes out on DVD February 18th.
Everyone in the audience is getting a digital copy.
Oh, wow!
And we've got Taika Waititi, Roman Griffin Davis,
Robin Roberts, Dwyane Wade, [INAUDIBLE]..
I'll see you tomorrow.
Be kind to one another.
Hi, I'm Andy.
Ellen asked me to remind you to subscribe to her channel
so you can see more awesome videos,
like videos of me getting scared or saying embarrassing things.
Like ball peen hammer.
And also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities--
if you're into that sort of thing.
Ah, [BLEEP]!
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Taika Waititi Didn't Understand Why He Should Play Hitler in 'Jojo Rabbit'

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 18, 2020
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