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  • How do you stay positive during your job search? First of all, obviously any job search is

  • an emotional rollercoaster. You get that call from a potential job and you're high. The

  • interview doesn't come through and you're really not feeling good. There are days when

  • nobody calls you and you just feel terrible. So what do you do about all that, so that

  • when that right opportunity presents itself, you're ready, you're positive and you're up?

  • First of all, you need to think about taking care of yourself. Not just taking care about

  • the job search but taking care of yourself. And this can mean getting some exercise, which

  • is a known anti-depressant on top of the fact of getting outside and getting a little fresh

  • air or doing something that you really enjoy, pick up game that it might be, helps you just

  • to feel better physically. Then you want to really think about the importance of making

  • sometime for fun. Now I can hear you say, but Patra I can't spend a lot of money. You

  • know you can't, but not all fun costs a lot of money. Can you get together with some friends?

  • Can you go and have a picnic? Is there a local art museum or something that interests you

  • in sports? Something else that you can do that you really enjoy? Maybe it's a picnic

  • down in front of a free band program at your local recreation center. Pick something that

  • you enjoy. For me a good book solves a lot of problems. So, whatever it might be, pick

  • something you enjoy and make sure you make time for it within your job search.

  • Then make sure that you're making time for your friends. Now sure, some of your friends

  • maybe are helping in your job search and you don't have to burden them too much. But believe

  • me, many of them are waiting as much for you to call them as you're waiting for them to

  • call you. So pick up the phone and talk to a good friend, send them a funny joke by email,

  • get together and have a cup of coffee, whatever works for you. But be sure that you're connecting

  • with human beings who are not in the mode of your job search connections. Not that those

  • aren't important. And you, also, can help other people. Now, I've talked in another

  • one of these videos about what anybody can do to help their friends who are in a job

  • search. And that applies to you. When you're in a job search you can also help other people

  • who are in a job search. Or you can volunteer at a charity of your choice, or you can tutor

  • students that you know are having difficulty because your local schools are looking for

  • tutors. Whatever it does helping another person helps you to feel better.

  • In some cases some of that type of work may be really useful to you as a way to talk about

  • what you've done while you've been unemployed. Thinking about staying positive in a job search

  • doesn't mean some phoney rah rah when you feel like blah. It means taking care that

  • you're doing the things you need to do so that you can make it through this emotional

  • rollercoaster period and be successful in your job search. Reach out to your family

  • and friends. Ask for the help you need. Take care to make yourself more active and more

  • positive. It really will help you mentally, physically and in your job search.

How do you stay positive during your job search? First of all, obviously any job search is

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