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How's it going?
Dude, I'm not used to the freaking reflection-
I'm getting reflections now, too...
Oh, you should've gotten anti-reflect...!
Wait, is that a thing?
- ****, I forgot to tell you! - That's right, I'm wearing glasses now.
Brett: Oh, I should've told you!
- Looking at- Sightreading got me wearing glasses. - Anyway. Yup.
I also think reflection is better.
It's more like anime.
Eddy: Oh yeah, yeah!
"What do you think about my playing?"
"Your intonation in the third bar..."
Anyway! Today we are going to be reviewing
sacrilegious commercials of brands
that try to look
very classy and artistic using classical music.
Which we have nothing against,
but when you do it, please just
try to...
- Do it right? - do it right. Exactly.
- Just, get it right. - Yeah.
I almost wanted to buy the product
- until you made that ad. I was like... - Yeah.
"Wait a second."
Alright, so the first one we have today is actually
a bottled water ad.
I don't care what brand this is, like...
You're done.
You're done!
You're done! You don't even get a chance.
You don't.
You don't, you don't drench a poor cello...
in the rain,
and use that to represent your brand.
That's just...
instrument abuse.
You wouldn't make a sound!
The water would be screwing the sound so much.
Eddy: They even deliberately did slow-mo.
You can see the water dr-
It's all drenched on the fingerboard!
They're making the pain
- for musicians more obvious, like... - Yeah!
"Yeah, we reeeeally put water on it."
- Yeah, we- - "Look how much water we put on it."
"This cello is getting destroyed."
Dude, the water's like, spitting from her vibrato like,
whoosh, whoosh.
I feel like they're trying to go-
always going for like, artistic effects.
- Please consult a musician. - Yeah, it's like...
- There's things you just need to, like... - Yeah.
Oh... god...!
She had it all right until then!
You just know that the director was like,
"We want you to slant your bow on the angle"
- "to match the logo." - The logo!
"So, angle your bow like that!"
And she's just like,
"I'm getting paid for this."
Can I just say also how uncomfortable it is
that she was drenched like that to film?
- Yeah... - Like...
What a professional.
Very uncomfortable. And she managed to like...
"Just keep it together."
Hopefully, they probably just got a really cheap, bad cello.
You don't want to associate your brand.
It's more like they're trying to associate the brand
with class and artistic.
- Yeah. - But really, what they're saying is...
"We don't understand class and artistic..."
"...artistry," whatever you call it. - Yeah.
By the way, I think that slant probably suits better this?
'Cause that was very...
Eddy: Yes!
This was a whole lead-up to selling this jumper.
Well, there you go!
Oh, wow. Okay. Bye.
What do you think?
You ready?
So this is what you're gonna play.
So this one got this, this, this...
- All these. - Okay.
All that. Alright, so you got that?
- Easy. - Alright.
- This one? - Yup.
I mean...
It's a cool concept.
This definitely wasn't real.
If you- just to go by logic,
it's most likely auto-tuned. Not real.
They actually messed up.
- Yeah! It's the same... Ha ha ha! - Same drum!
- And it changed pitch! - Yeah.
It's not real.
It's not real.
But they went through all the effort
in the beginning to be like,
- "You have to hit these notes." - "Hit, hit these notes," it's like...
- "Hit these drums so we..." - Yeah. Stop trying to fake the whole
"I'm so better than everyone else 'cause we're so, like,
boujie and classy."
- The concept was cool. - It was cool.
Like "Alright, hit these drums."
"You're gonna play this piece."
But it's just...
...just failed.
'Cause like, I noticed a few different ones, like...
One drum would sound like one note,
and he would play the same- hit the same drum later,
- and it would be a different note. - It sounds different, right?
- So these two were... - Dun, dun dun... Same notes.
- Same notes with different drums, why'd... - Yeah.
Why didn't you just hit the same drum?
That was an F sharp!
Okay, so the...
- Yeah, the... - Yeah. Yeah.
Notes changed.
- That one was an F sharp before. - Yeah.
...earlier. And now at 45, 44 seconds,
- it became an E. - Yeah.
Can't run from pitches, guys!
Not to mention Beethoven's Ode to Joy, like,
Come on, that's the most...
- I know. - ...overplayed commercial piece.
I like the concept. I'd give it a...
Did you like this one more than the bottled water one?
This is better.
If I was like, the guy behind, like, the scene,
like, sitting like this, going, "Hmm."
The director would be like "That one!"
Maybe just...
Fix the pitch, hey.
Well, I mean,
if you listen to how a drum is meant to sound...
- That's what I- - Ha ha ha! Yeah! Yeah.
He's hitting that exact same drum!
- That's what a drum sounds like. - And... then the timbre sounds different as well.
It's like...
Like, "dun dun dun."
And when they did it, it sounded like a bottle.
Like *pop*.
- Oh, it sounded like- Yeah, I don't know what it was. - Yeah.
*pop pop*
How do you do that?
*humming and popping at the same time*
Eddy: Ha ha ha ha... *humming and popping at the same time*
Dude, you had harmony while you were doing it.
- What the f***? How did you do that? - That's- that's beatboxing.
Dude, I found my talent.
- I've never done this before in my life. - America's Got Talent!
- I've never done this before in my life! - You already got-
Alright, last one!
This is Audi.
Oh, come on. No Audi. Why!?
Sometimes progress is not good.
- Just don't... - Just... no. It should just...
They progressed too far.
There's so many weird things-
Okay, first of all,
the musicians aren't even playing.
They're acting, and the actual sound is just some like,
- digitally rendered orchestra. - It sounds like it. Yeah.
Second of all,
- the engine's clearly auto-tuned. - Yeah, it's auto-
They even put that in like, in the,
in the smallest spot!
They're probably like...
- Whoa... - "Legally we need to protect ourselves."
And they put in that colour so it's al...
- It's like, semi-transparent! - ...almost...
Eh he he he!!
It's like, legally they can't hide the text,
but they just need to...
In case someone buys the car for this,
and they're like "It doesn't actually play this song!"
"I bought this car for the song!"
- And then sue them. - "Vroom! Why is it not the same sound?!"
- That is so funny. - Dude, but... That's such a nice car.
Why would you ruin it with such a bad ad?
What an insult to all the engineers out there
- Yeah. - who crafted this beautiful machine...
that drives, and then all of a sudden...
look at that.
This was the team involved in making this ad.
- That's like a 30, 40-person team. - Wow.
All those salaries paid...
- Just for that ad. - for this ad that got 900 views.
Dude, I mean, that's high-budget sh**.
There's f***ing lighting,
- It's so high-budget. - orchestra members...
Dude, that would cost an arm and a leg,
just to do this ad.
- Yeah. - I mean, I don't know anything about car ads.
- Yeah. - But from a consumer, like-
- A musician consumer. Let me- - Yeah, musician consumer.
I'll speak on behalf of musician consumers.
When we see this, we go,
Since when can musicians afford Audis anyway?
- Yeah, that's true. - Roasted ourselves.
- Yeah, like, we musici- Yeah. - They're like,
- "Musicians aren't our target audience." - Yeah. "They will never see this."
I mean, it's kinda cool, though, I guess.
Again, I think the concept is cool, it's just...
done not so well.
You know what would've been better?
If they had like a light show,
and the music plays with the light show.
With the car showing off the lights with the...
That would be cool.
Again, it's not anything inherently against
trying to put music and art with cars.
And it's nothing against even auto-tune.
- Yeah. - 'Cause you know,
- It happens everywhere. - we live in a world where autotune's everywhere.
It's just, somehow,
the way they put it together just felt really...
- It didn't work, for me. - Yeah. It didn't work for me, either.
It reminded me of that,
the one-note symphony.
And the robot "ding."
- Yeah... - It's just, they tried too much to look classy.
- Just... a little bit... - ...too much.
But who knows.
- That's just my opinion. Ling Ling Insurance. - Yeah, my opinion.
Yeah, Ling Ling Insurance.
I would prefer a light show,
but that's just my opinion.
Did you enjoy this video?
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And we will see you
after you practice.
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Playing Cello in the Water (More Brands with Sacrilegious Ads)

42 Folder Collection
李芷凝 published on March 17, 2020
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