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So do you know your range?
Your actual vocal, right?
Don't Really?
No, no, no, no.
I don't know.
Well, we can try some.
Some sort of a little gentle, warm ups that sort of determined where your voice best lies.
You seem pretty low.
So it's more of a baritone or quality that you have.
Someone tell me once I was a high baritone.
Try like a level.
It's extremely Oh, no, I was very happy.
I'd rather be.
I think I'd be concerned if I was called a surprise.
Hi, Barrett.
You're Yeah.
Hi, Bert On a drug dog tenor.
Okay, then let's try a few vocal exercises with my lips together.
It was one thing.
Whenever I'm warming up for four old for something because I'm a tenor, I was one the voice up.
And I never come back down the scale because if you're going to stay at the top and you have to hit those high notes, you don't want to bring the voice back down.
That's what My teacher in my own teacher in New York.
You do exercises after the show?
I mean, sometimes there's an element of warming the voice down after a show just to get it.
Com and settled in a really smooth sort of area, you know, So you're not speaking in the position where you were singing.
Is there any kind of food or drink you should avoid?
If you were singing your alcohol beforehand, avoid it on.
Avoid spicy foods before you go and sing like the dead a couple of days before during a performance day.
I have a good breakfast drink.
Lots of fruit juice, Eat lots of fruit.
I have plenty of water, especially like pineapple juice is fantastic for the voice because it has this chemical in a natural anti inflammatory, which keeps the swelling down in the in the vote in the vocal cords and the muscles around the area.
What about chocolate or ice cream That, uh, so many singers say they don't drink, take chocolate or drink Dairy progress once said that if I get backstage, there were lots of lying around fantastic.
They won't be eating beautiful.
Yeah, what's the hardest part of the show for you?
Vocally, you know, there there are certain moments that certain moments throughout the whole show that you love You have little hurdles to get over for.
This particular role is quite low for me.
So I had to train my voice to sing sing it, sing it low sing down on a lot of the bottom register because there's no point fluffing those moments, you know, like, um, the bidding, the show where it goes.
Um, uh, Fontaine's arrest.
And it goes, there's the do we have coming up Fontaine's arrest?
It's, um uh, a moment of your time.
You're very do believe this woman's time.
You've done your duty.
Letter B.
She needs to talk to me.
Oh, can be ways she had this'll child without a friend, that's pretty lofty.
But in a way back, I would have sung where we're she and this child without her for a one of one of video and one of hit it so, so hard.
But I really wanted to get the resonance in the voice at the bottom of the voice, so that's why developed that side of I've worked on that side of the voice more the lower side because the tops, the tops, always being there for me.
But because I'm a 10 and that's my register.
So not that not that I'm saying I don't have to work on that.
Actually work to sing love.
Yeah, just in this.
Interesting, isn't it?
And what's the highest note in the show that you have to see Toby Toby?
And is that the end of my mom in 246?
So d'oh!
The idea that somehow you have to be a knight.
I mean, that's incredible.
I mean, there's some There's a really good exercise that I my teacher.
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Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Special Edition - Alfie Boe teaches Matt Lucas how to sing

16 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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