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Hey, guys, Drifter here.
Welcome to call of Duty War Zone, which is modern warfare's new free to play Valerie out.
This is the intro cut scene where you fly in and get ready to deploy onto the map.
And speaking of map, this map is huge.
It is absolutely enormous.
It's roughly the same size as the pub G map, and it has lots of iconic modern warfare themed locations not only from this game but also from past games like Burger Town overgrown You've got broadcast, which they've renamed TV Station, and lots of fun places that you're definitely going to recognize.
But that's not all that it's got this Battle Royale has kill streaks now.
Yes, that's right.
Kill streaks.
You can call the men to crush your enemies if you've earned them, that is, and it has a lot of unique features in it than other battle.
Rials do not so far like the gulag, where if you die the first time, you can go fight another man naked in the showers one V one and the victor gets to come back to life briefly on my opinions of this mode, I think that it is a super good and Superfund mode.
It is a fantastic and positive direction from call of duty, and it's gonna launch in a better shape than blackout, for sure, a least in terms of game balancing.
I don't know what sort of like, you know, stability is gonna be until it actually comes out.
But I think that this game is gonna have legs.
I think it's gonna be super fun.
And all of the other YouTubers seemed to really enjoy it, too.
Instead of me just gushing about how much I like this mode today.
I wanna break down the entire game mode so that you will know everything that you need on day one to play and have a good time, because there's a lot going on today.
We're gonna start off with the health and armor system, and this was something that was actually changed based on YouTubers advice, you know, the sell outs that you hate or whatever.
We actually have some pretty useful tips to talk to the Debs that managed to improve the game.
So let's get into it.
You have a base health of 100 which is exactly the same amount as multi player and guns in this mode deal the same damage as multi player, so you'll kill people through the exact same speed at the exact same ranges with the exact same bullet drop.
So there's nothing really new to learn there.
Your health also regenerates just like it does an MP.
You never.
It's not like you have to apply a whole bunch of bandages or band aids, or there really aren't any health items in this game except for the stem.
So as long as you could get out of combat for a few minutes and then come back and you'll be fine, you can use stems.
And the quick fix perk does work.
There are perks in this mode, albeit they're difficult to get.
However, what's more interesting is the armor your character can carry up to three armor plates that they can protect themselves with.
Each plate protects your entire body magically, I suppose it's a very simple system, but this does include your limbs and head protection as well.
And this place is worth 50 hit points or 50 health.
I do want to note that headshots deal more damage in Battle Royale than they do in multi player.
I didn't get the exact number from the developers, but they felt that since we don't have helmets, systems and stuff like that that they wanted the headshots to deal significantly more damage.
It's to reward players that have good aim and so that the higher caliber sniper rifles can instant kill, so headshots will shred your arm or very, very quickly.
You spawn into the game with two armor plates, so the moment you jump off the airplane, you've got your 100 health and you've got to armor plates, which is another 100 health.
And, as you Lewton find Maur, you can equip up to one more plate for 250 total health, which is quite a lot.
The inventory system allows you to carry up to five bonus armor plates that you can use to repair or swap out busted ones with, and the more plates that you have to change and fiddle with, the longer it takes, you kind of put in one at a time.
In this, it reminds me a lot of battlefields firestorm mode.
It has a very similar armor system.
I will say the plates are common all over the map.
They're not that hard to find.
Most enemies will drop at least a few.
So unlike blackout when it launched, you're not punished for aggression.
You don't have to protect your armor like it's a rare resource.
You'll pretty much always be able to find Maura and almost everybody you kill.
We'll have more armor for you to fix in the version we played, which is what most of the gameplay is here, the game had no difference between armored and unarmored enemies.
Well, when it came to shooting, they had the same hit markers.
The same sound, the same feedback, the same icons of same everything.
And one of the biggest issues that the group of YouTubers asked the developers to remedy was for us to have some kind of feedback on if we're shooting an armored or unarmored enemy, so they've changed a lot, and at launch you will have a different hit marker sound for armor hits vs body Hits.
You'll get a unique sound when an armor plate is broken and a unique sound for breaking the entire armor plate off of a person.
So it'll be very distinct and noticeable.
You get a cute little blue hit marker.
When you do it, you have the armor pop up next to your hit marker and you get red hit markers when you finally down a person.
This means you will always have some idea of how strong your target is and their health progression downwards.
Similarly, when your armor breaks, you get a blue flash on your screen so that you can see it break.
What I'm gonna do here is I'm just going to show you the raw clips that Infinity Ward sent me of them testing out the armor system so that you can watch and listen and really know what it sounds and looks like and do pay attention.
I'm gonna show one clip where the player actually get shot a lot and his armor breaks and he gets the notification that he's in trouble.
E I got one.
Next up, let's talk about the drop system or the parachuting system.
It's honestly, a lot like pub G.
You jump out of a big cargo plane and try to glide down to your destination.
You can pull your chute to fly more slowly or over distance and then cut the cord and pull again as many times as you need.
You can't really fly horizontally crazy, far like you can in blackout or conned mobile.
And when you pull the chute, you kind of go really slow.
However, you can pull and cut your shoot as many times as you want to.
And this is an intentional mechanic, so you could do a poll cut, pull cut sort of zig zag method, and every time you cut, it gives you a really big horizontal speed boost that you can use to cover incredible distances.
So the best way to cover a horizontal distance is the jump pole cut, pull cut Poland kind of zigzag your way, and you'll go.
If you choose this method, you won't auto deploy.
When you get close to the ground, you're gonna have to do that manually.
Don't make the same mistake that I did.
Next up, let's talk about the life and response system.
There are 150 players in the game and launch according to leaks and at least early stuff.
It looked like they were supposed to be 200.
I don't know if we're gonna be getting that are not 150 players is a lot.
And of that, there are four ways to come back to life.
So you're gonna be killing people a lot.
First up, your teammates can raise you if you're down, but not dead.
This is a very standard, normal feature in battle Riel.
Secondly, your first death will send you to the gulag, where you get to fight another man in the showers for a second chance.
You just one V one.
It's literally the same as gunfight on Lee.
The winner goes free.
The other guy is dead for good.
Interestingly, though, your teammates and enemy teammates can spectate in the gulag because the gulag runs on a Q system, only one person at a time, and the rest of you have to sit there and watch.
But you can use your mikes or whatever to give tips on where the enemy is there, where they're pushing and you can throw rocks at them.
The rocks don't deal damage, but they do have some flinch that'll shake up the screen and maybe make them miss.
The gulag closes when there's only 50 to 60 people left in the match.
I'm not exactly sure what time, but near the end of the match, the gulag will close.
So the gulag is really a way to give people a second chance for some accidental early deaths or one of those deaths where you just land and cannot find a weapon for your life.
The third way to come back to life is that your teammates can buy you back with a lot of money and you'll redeploy it.
And just like from the airplane, just parachute right back in on top.
Your teammates.
You'll have a pistol and your standard health, and that is it.
I do want to point out that it's very expensive to buy people back, but it is almost always worth it.
Have more teammates, and finally, you can buy a self rez item that works it just like the gold shield from Apex minus the part where it's, you know, an actual shield and you can block stuff.
But you just if you get down, you can crawl out of the way and bring yourself back toe life.
That's if they just don't keep hosing you and kill you instantly.
Overall, I like this system.
I think it's a fantastic system.
I think it gives you quite a few ways to avoid early deaths and bring yourself Andrew Team back to life.
In many of the games where we won or played well, we all died and managed to bring each other back through a series of absolute desperate maneuvers.
But one of the neat things that this also means is that the map stays fairly populated throughout all of it.
It's not.
It's not quite like, say, Apex, where there's crazy fights in the beginning and at the end, but nothing in the middle, since player accounts going to stay pretty high.
You're always gonna have people to fight.
And when you win a game, you've probably one with a minimum of like 8 to 10 kills because you'll really mean because these people are gonna be coming back to life Moving along.
I should probably talk about the endgame economy system.
You've probably heard me mention buying various players back to life or score streaks, and he maybe even seen some of the money piles laying around the map.
Well, that's because modern warfare, battle royale or warzone battle worry out whatever it's gonna be called has an economy system that reminds me a lot of radical heights.
Cliffy B's last game before.
Well, that's a different story, but most loot Stashes that you open up.
Little Lute boxes and crates have at least a small amount of money, and some of them have quite a lot of money, just a giant pile of it.
And there's money just laying around on the ground every time you down an enemy, every time you kill a player for good, you blow up a vehicle or do anything really noteworthy in this game, you're going to get paid at least a little bit.
So the longer you participate in, the more money you're going to have.
Most importantly, dead enemies drop all of their cash, so it's kind of like a big bonus.
If you could go loot the bodies, you can just stop up all of their cash really quickly.
You don't have to press X, just run over and pick it up like instantly.
There are three different types of challenges that you can complete for big cash prizes as well.
I think most of your familiar with these fromthe leaks, but the 1st 1 is a scavenger challenge where you find you have to pick these up on the map.
You'll see them, but you'll pick them up and then you have to find 3 to 4 certain crates in various locations, so it kind of sends you running around.
And then the last crate has a guaranteed legendary item in it, which is very nice and a ton of cash.
The second type of challenge is A.
I would call it a domination challenge where you literally have to capture a dom Point just somewhere in the middle of this battle re Al and I think you have to do this with another squad nearby as well.
They try to make it hot, but if you capture that, don point, everybody gets cash.
And the 3rd 1 which I personally think is the most difficult and most risky, is the assassination contract for you.
Hunt down and kill another squad.
I think it pays the best, but it's the hardest to do, and the other squad does get a notification that they're being hunted.
It'll kind of show you a region.
It'll show you like a probably like a one square kilometer region where they're at and just a giant block, and it would give them a notification that they're being hunted and you could go try to find them.
I had squads hunt me unsuccessfully.
I never went for hunting another squad because we're just too big of an unknown to push into these buildings without really knowing where they are.
And you can use the money that you earn at by stations that are all over the map there, clearly marked on the map.
You can see them on the mini map.
They glow.
You walk up to these crates, open them up and you can buy a variety of things.
And I do want to note they make a noise when you open them, and once they've been open that they stay open.
So if you see one and you see that it's been opened, you know that another squad has been there.
But the store is unlimited.
Anybody and everybody can buy as much as they need some of the things you can buy our kill streaks, which will be talking about next.
You can buy teammates back into the game.
You can buy yourself self revive kids I think the only way to get the self revive kids in the bio station.
I don't think you can just pick them up on the map.
You can buy drop kits, which will be talking about soon.
You can buy more armor Maur M.
You can buy certain special abilities like that silence or a trophy system.
And this is a great system because it rewards you for participating.
And you just always have a way to resupply and restock and take care of your team.
And I think it's pretty nice.
And in this game, more money is not more problems.
You definitely want to have as much money as possible.
Finally, let's talk about the kill streaks in Battle Royale.
Yes, this battle Royale has kill streaks, and they are not earned strictly for kills.
You have to buy them from the buy stations like we talked about what you'll probably get your money for by killing people, or you can find them laying around the map.
However, I will say that their super ultra rare around the map there are higher rarity than even the gold legendary items, so don't expect to see too many of them laying around.
Sometimes you kill enemies and pick him up off of them, though, and right now there are currently only three streaks that you can access.
There is a U A V, which does not sweep the entire map, but rather about a 100 meter area around you so that you can see your immediate surroundings.
A cluster strike which works just like it doesn't multi player into precision airstrike, which also works just like it does in multi player.
All three of these streaks can be extremely strong in the right situation.
The U.
A V is probably the most underrated because it prevents people from sneaking up on you.
It lets you clear buildings on a campers and let you push into the next zone more safely so people can shoot your U A V down with lock on rocket launchers.
But doing so would reveal their location.
The other two are basically just big area of effect bombs that you blow people up with, and you can only carry one street at a time.
So if I'm carrying a precision airstrike, I can't carry a U A V or cluster striker.
Vice versa.
each player gets one streak that they can carry.
It's definitely very fun.
It's definitely very satisfying.
It kind of works within the mode.
But, my boy, big fear for this mode, the biggest criticism, the biggest like scare that I have for balancing concern is that once players get good and they kind of learned how to play, they're going to save a bunch of streaks for the end.
And when it's in a tiny circle, it's just gonna be airstrikes, airstrikes, bomb, bomb, bomb, you know U A V and it's going to be the last circle is gonna be very difficult to survive in.
So my advice to Infinity Ward was, I thought that they should disable the streets after a certain point, but we'll see how that pans out.
And I think that my best advice for you is to save them for when you really need them and not just blow them for funds.
These are topped here, super important items more important than anything else, really, and you want to use them as tactically as possible.
Speaking of items, let's talk about drop kits and a bunch of inventory stuff here as we're moving into the latter half of the video, you lose most of your gear just like a normal B are you find it and Kreitzer on the ground or from drops or whatever.
It has rarity tears from common, uncommon epic, rela Rare legendary.
And each one of these is just one more attachment on the weapon.
The damage of the weapon, its range.
It's performance.
All that stuff is unchanged.
It's not like fortnight, where the gold's car deals more damage than the purple scar.
Instead, you just have Maura attachments on your gun, which could be anything from extended MAGS or a thermal sight or something cool like that.
The M O that you pick up, thankfully, is generic ammo, so you're not really fiddling with like 45 versus 40 caliber and 556 and stuff like that you'll pick up generic assault rifle ammo, generic sm GMO pistol ammo, shotgun, M o.
It's a very simple system.
You can rarely find gas mask on this map as a legendary item.
We're gonna save that for a different part of the video, but the gas mask are super useful.
You can carry up to only one tactical and one lethal unless you have the perk, which gives you more.
So there's no crazy stacking like in black outer Apex.
You can't just have, like, 40 grenades to throw it.
Most players, unless they're running the perk, you're gonna have one of each.
And if they have that part, then that might have, like two of each.
You know, big whoops.
You can't get spam too hard, but what I really want to talk about is drop Kids.
Drop kits are an entirely different animal.
You create your drop kits before the match starts, just like your regular multiplayer.
Create a class system and picking up a drop kit is the only way to get perks.
In this mode, you can't scavenge parks.
You can buy perks.
You can only get them by earning a drop kit.
In some way.
The perks are some of the same is multi player.
Some are a little different than multi player, but they're all still very useful.
There's Ghost Ghost keeps you off the U.
V s Hardline gives you.
I think it's cheaper to buy things.
Point man gives you more rewards for certain Stashes and completing objectives.
E o.
Gives you some explosive immunity.
You can run cold blooded so that you don't throw us throw up to show up on thermal sights.
And it's also one of the very few ways to get thermal sights on your weapons.
There's a few legendary weapons that have thermal sights, but typically you're going to see most people getting them out of drop kiss just as a general pro tips.
Since we're in Battle Royale now, smokes and thermal optics are gonna be very meta and very, very useful to your team, and those were just really God tear things toe have.
Similarly, having hybrid soil sites that you can quickly swap back and forth between red dot and some kind of zoom is gonna be much more useful than it is in multi player.
And for the drop kits, most players off for two fully kitted weapons, all with all their favorite perks and specialist abilities and stuff.
A few people would go for, like a sniper shot gun or shield or a rocket launcher.
I did the rocket launcher thing for a little bit, but I didn't find it to be as useful to hunt down vehicles, and once per game, the modern warfare battle reality will drop 50 drop kits in between player squads.
So it's gonna identify where all the squads are, and it's gonna drop a drop hit exactly between you and another squad.
So you have a choice to keep looting and ignore it.
Or you can go try to pick up that it's gonna drop three crates so your whole team can get their perfect optimal, like godly dropped kit stuff.
Good to go with all their perks.
But, you know, another squad is going to be going for it.
So you're gonna have to fight another squad and win, if not more than one.
Sometimes they kind of dropped together in a cluster, so they dropped them once per game.
You get an announcement, they're visible on the map there.
Exactly Between you and the other squad, it is very high risk, but very high reward.
Personally, I started going for them the more I played because of the value of the stuff that I get and most people do fight over them got three more things for you here at the end of the video, I wanted to talk about inventory management.
You can press up on your deep had on PS four to spot people.
It'll give you a little red ping if you have them visually in range, you can also a tag and spot items so that you can share and may call outs if you don't have a mic.
The D pad also allows you to drop money, drop armor plates, drop ammo, guns just about everything from your inventory.
I will admit the ping system as a little bit awkward, but you can just kind of tap it and do it pretty quick.
The deep had ammo thing, however, is more difficult to do, and that's basically gonna be requiring that you stand still.
You're not gonna be able to just run and drop them on plates.
You'll have to stop for a moment and kind of fiddle with it, but it's still a much better inventory system than blackout.
The gas is brutal.
It's green, it's very deadly.
It stops health region completely and blurs your vision.
It is a very powerful, very nasty gas that you don't want to be in, which I think is fantastic, cause I hate getting killed from the gas in battle.
If somebody kills you from the gas, you were probably in bad shape because you'll be difficult to see and they'll be suffering.
You can stem in the gas to buy a little bit of time, but not much to be honest.
And the ultra rare gas mask item can be picked up.
And this will allow you about 15 seconds of gas time before it breaks.
You can you can you will just run into the gas and you slide it on and it has a little meter that counts down, and it's got 15 seconds of total time.
This one doesn't recharge a refresh.
Once it breaks, it is gone, and you primarily want to use that to reposition in case you've got to get peed pinned down in like a weird zone.
And you just know you have to run through the gas to get to safety.
That's really what it's for.
And at the end of the video, my overall thoughts on this mode is that it is a free to play fully fleshed out fun Battle Royale, and I'm predicting that it's gonna be a banker.
I think all of the YouTubers that I played with very happy with the Battle Royale with its performance.
I had a great time playing with it.
My game play here, I think, is much better than usual.
Even though it's playing on PlayStation against bunch of PC sweaty boys and I'm gonna be playing this and streaming this a lot.
I think this think I'll be streaming at.
It comes out like the day after this video, so I'll be streaming on that particular day, not today.
And I'm basically gonna be swapping this channel's focus to cover Battle Royale stuff and make battle really related and depths away from multi player because we've kind of beaten multi player until it was a dead horse.
And then we beat the dead horse into a fine pulp and made hot dogs and then started punching the horse hot dogs.
It's time to do something you battle.
Royale is fun.
It's fresh, exciting.
It's interesting and that's what I want to play.
I hope you enjoyed this video.
I hope you learned something useful.
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Modern Warfare Battle Royale Gameplay! (FREE TO PLAY Warzone Gameplay)

26 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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