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  • well, Jessica New measure here is in New York.

  • Four.

  • She's been following all the developments closely for us.

  • Jessica.

  • So what happened in court today?

  • Well, it'll ended with Harvey Weinstein being cuffed to his wheelchair and rolled out of the courtroom as the victims who testified against him sob there, you might think with relief.

  • It was extremely stressful than they say.

  • They said to get up and speak on, testify in front of the courtroom, and now it would seem that they are vindicated.

  • Vindicated Harvey Weinstein was handed a sentence of 23 years by Judge Burke, 20 years for that criminal sex act perpetrated against Miriam Haley that was related to when he forcibly performed oral sex on her back in 2006 on then three years for rape in the third degree That on act against Jessica Man.

  • Now both of his accusers got up in front of the court today.

  • Andi made their impact statements with Jessica Man saying rape is not just one moment of penetration, it's forever.

  • And she pleaded with the judge to give Harvey Weinstein Ah, harsh sentence, but which indeed he did on then Miriam Haley, saying that Harvey Weinstein had crushed a part of her spirit and saying that before testifying before being part of this case, she did not realize that so many other women heard being subjected to such terrible things at the hands of Harvey Weinstein.

  • She had thought initially that she was alone.

  • Weinstein also spoke.

  • We were not necessarily expecting that.

  • He said, that he was remorseful, but at no time did he really directly apologize to Jessica Man or Miriam.

  • Hello.

  • He said, in fact, that he kept looking at them, wondering if he was going to get any sort of inkling of the friendship that they had had together s So he sort of spot a sob story, really today in front of the courtroom, really laying the ground with his defense attorneys for an appeal?

  • Because, of course, the defense is going to appeal this.

  • Jessica.

  • What does this mean for Weinsteins victims?

  • Well, on the first row for the prosecution in the courtroom, all six off the women who testified during this trial against Harvey Weinstein but was sitting there a sort of sisterhood of solidarity against Weinstein, and as they left the courtroom, they were applauded a CZ they walked out.

  • They have been described as brave for taking to the stand on dhe.

  • One can only think that they must be vindicated after this sentence.

  • But the silence breakers, a group of women who say that they have also bean abused in some way By Harvey Weinstein Sexually, they say that, you know no sentence can really be enough for the crimes that Harvey Weinstein committed, that they will keep fighting for justice for their voices to be heard.

  • One might imagine that Jessica Man is somewhat disappointed that he did not get a stronger sentence for the crime that he committed against her.

  • She raised the point that you know that having been convicted for cocaine gets you a longer sentence than being convicted of third degree rape.

  • Third degree rape is when you are accused or convicted of raping somebody who was not able to consent to that.

well, Jessica New measure here is in New York.

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