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Good morning, guys will come to my channel.
Oh, my goodness.
People here.
Funny buying, we're told.
Look at the shelves.
Hi, guys.
We went to the shopping center today to buy a weekly gross to Reese.
Relax your eyeballs.
Panic buying.
We're just doing our weekly shopping.
What happened?
Thio groceries today.
Piper, What else in the bust?
You're right.
You heard people of panic buying with toilet paper's Australia and people, please.
Guys, this is the toilet papers that some Australians here are panic buying because of the Corona virus.
So first defense, toilet paper?
Yeah, it's sweet, but yet the shields stare empty, totally empty, and some people are fighting for it.
Some do, You know, trolleys so high of toilet papers.
Then there's none left.
Then the family that wants to buy, like on the small amount they quit it by it was empty.
So this is It's very precious these days, especially this brand.
The quilt in they made him.
I was in a way to be what people will panic buy.
They've been selling these would Eve A imagine you want that They want to make money.
Miss me, Sugar.
Just empty the long life milk.
Follow the milk.
Yeah, that's this basic needs.
Yeah, but toilet paper?
Sure, but the Filipinos on the social media, they were just saying a bullet, huh?
Be at subway.
But so bye, some?
Some do we need to know?
Yeah, by a couple.
We're not playing funny.
Flying, Fanny.
I don't know what's happening, guys, but sonny dice is gone.
You said that you told Piper using type of tail.
All right.
Cost us gone.
I don't know what the hell are We make our own, please, but these people buying it, sitting them overseas.
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Australia’s toilet paper panicked buying due to covid-19

11 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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