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Hi guys! My name is Suzi and I'm a South African living in Poland!
And I've been Teaching English as a Second Language for the past
8 years.
And I've had a few people
come up to me and ask me, uh, like how do you teach?
Or would you have any tips for other people
who are interested in teaching children English.
For example. I have this
wonderful friend who speaks
English perfectly, she speaks French perfectly.
She's not a teacher, she studied something totally different
but a few people have asked her if she
would maybe like to teach their kids.
And she kind of panicked and called me
and she asked, "What am I supposed to do?"
"I've never taught kids, I don't hang around with kids."
How do you teach someone who's
not your age, who you think of as some small little alien?
So I'm gonna give you three
that could help you feel a little bit more
confident on your first meeting or
lesson with a small human being who would like
to learn English, or who's parents would like this
human being to learn English.
So my first step is
to sit on the floor
So meeting an adult, just imagine, you're meeting this person
who's like, so much taller than you and if you
look at them and you have to kind of be
in this position in order to see their face
thats kind of um, kind of scary and intimidating
and on top of this, this person is speaking to
you, using these words that you have
no idea what they mean. But when you sit on the floor
you kind of make yourself a little bit more
vulnerable, but you're also on the level of
this child, which makes them feel a
little more comfortable and it makes you
more approachable.
Next tip:
Be interested!
Being interested means reacting to what
they're saying or to things that
they're doing with interest
so for example, asking about a teddy
and asking if it's theirs and showing interest in their Teddy.
Showing interest in um, them making handstands
and congratulating them on that
showing interest in, for example
pictures on their wall and asking, you know
"Did you draw this? Is this yours? Wow this is really good!"
So just being interested in them and their
environment and showing that you want to
be there, with this kid, already kind of
opens up this wave of friendship.
Third thing is...
"You know English!"
Which I think is pretty important
as a confidence builder.
Because learning a language
isn't actually that difficult. I think a lot
of people blocking themselves and they
think that no this is impossible I can't
do it, I don't know, I don't understand what you're
saying so I'm gonna listen to you and I
think it's important to find certain things
that the child understands and knows and
congratulating them on it. Or I do this thing where I kind of
trick them into knowing the language.
I start with a drawing. Drawing in itself is a very
very cool way to interact with the
child and teach English at the same
time. So for example, I would say, OK so.
"I am drawing
a head
And now I'm drawing
two eyes,
a nose and a mouth."
"Where are his eyes? Where can you see his eyes?" *Blink Blink*
And the child usually points and I'm like
"Well done! Yes! That's his eyes!"
And then, kinda like, you know
"You see? You know English!"
So yeah, those were three of the tips that I think
could be important as a start.
If you have any tips on what made your
first lessons work or what helped you when
you started teaching kids, let me know
or if there's some other tips that
you would like, you're welcome to let me know too!
and maybe I can help out.
Hey guys. So that was my first ever
YouTube video and I just wanted to say thanks for watching!
And I wish you an amazing
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How to start teaching kids English - #1

51 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on March 17, 2020
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