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well hello again Aria do you want to say hello with a big wave like that can you
do it and oh yeah big wave well we are back again people enjoyed that last
video so we are going to make another video you ready oh damn
alright well let's make a video today people were asking me about reading and
what I do so you want to grab that book OK that one right there
what book is that that's right we've got a hop on pop now I'm gonna see if I can
film this it's a little bit hard to see so maybe I can do a split screen or
something with this but this is a dr. Seuss book very famous and it's a little
bit weird for non-native speakers because there are so many nonsense words
in this book but it's really good for just practicing basic things like
bindings so are you ready shall we do a little bit of reading together now she
can't really read these things she's just starting to read them but part of
the reason that we review these things I don't know you're always so excited to
read very good oh my goodness okay you ready so we got hop on pop and when we
go through these things this is just practicing yellow yellow what he's
yellow he's yellow that's right and again we just we kind of let her go with
the book sometimes I'll just read it and maybe we'll stop and maybe throw
something oh the pool oh there a pool in this book no I don't
think so that's right alright well let's begin so we're just gonna read the book
and we'll stop this for a couple of things here cup pup-pup in cup cup cup
cup on pump all right let's do you want to do hop on pop hop on pop okay so if
we I'm just stopping here again like it all depends on if she can sit sometimes
she can sit and read for a long time sometimes not so we just go with that
and we try not to force her because really at this
age it's much more important for her to just be excited about reading and you
can do that by being excited yourself so I really enjoy reading and then showing
her how easy it can be all right so we've got some letters up here can you
find a where's a can I have the book thank you where's a can you find a do
you see a where's an a appear on the board use the a up here ah very good
all right so they've got a what color is that yeah yellow very good we're gonna
put a up here now let's see we can find maybe a more difficult one where is P P
do you see a P very good we've got P right here P so we've got P here we'll
put a up here where is here's a trick a trick question we've got two letters
right here what's this one oh oh what's that
o 0 very good so she's also learning about the difference in slight changes
in shapes for something like doing numbers zero or doing letters like oh
very good so we have a red zero and a purple oh very good that was a trick
question can I have the O and the zero thank you
so we're gonna put the O up here now when she's first learning these you can
see I'm starting with the names of the letters first and the reason I do that
is because the names of the letters don't change so in English the sounds of
letters do what you're gonna look over there you can go say hello you can look
in the camera hello alright come back and sit down we're
gonna do some reading alright now let's try where is T do you see T where's T ah
that's j j good try g g was this one oh t very good alright so now we have some
letters over here and we can practice the sounds of them so we got and we can
just practice repeat after me ah hot pot very good all right now I'm
gonna pick another letter here we will do what's that hi very good we can put I
put I up here and what is this that's H thank you very good all right can I have
H now watch this ah pot very good now if I change H watch this war what do we get
we get ah was that see it hot bingo very good now if we switch them again
look at this pot yeah putt putt oh all right you can't read very good now again
we're just training to give her some simple explanations of what letter
sounds are even though there are many sounds but that's the best way to get
her hello the microphone is on the floor over here and she keeps trying to touch
the microphone alright can you sit down we're almost finished or do you want to
read the book shall we shall we read the book very quickly shall we read all
right so we're gonna try this again try to read the book all right listen
carefully up pup pup is Cup pup pup in cup very good you gotta look though hook
that's right so even though she's not reading right now she's getting a sense
for connecting the sound with the letters just through repetition red red
they called me that's right what color is his hair
yeah read that's right and so when you read you don't have to just read
everything on the page you can stop and answer questions or ask questions or try
to get more detailed with it so you can even take a book like this and use it
for really Advanced Learner's and it doesn't matter what the age very good so
even there like she's just taking the book for me and getting excited oh very
good very good that's right very good very good you're
gonna read some more shall we finish it well we'll go to the end of the book
that's right
and again the point is just to get her excited at this age about reading and
she's really enjoying it because I started reading a third since the day
she was born alright we'll do one last page will do
the we'll do the final page with hot what here we go
hop hop we like to that's we like to walk over here so we like to hop we like
to hop on top oh ha ha whoop stop can you say stop that's right
stop you must not hop on alright well again I don't want to have her sit
here for too long but one last thing I will say because I got you're gonna run
away so I got a an email from a learner and she was saying isn't it a little bit
difficult for me to be on these videos and to try to help other people who may
be our non-native speakers trying to help their own children learn and so she
was worried about that and I wrote her back saying that the most important
thing is number one that you're excited especially are you having manju right
now you got a snack is that delicious in your mouth in your mouth it's okay you
can eat that but the important thing is that you're just number one show that
you're excited about learning and that you really want
to just again show your children that you're excited because that's what's
going to get them excited too it doesn't matter if your pronunciation is perfect
to teach someone all you need to do is be one step ahead of that person and if
you wait to do that then you're going to just be wasting a lot of time that you
could be actually practicing or teaching your kids so you can watch a video like
this and it's much better to actually spend time watching something with your
kids then trying to just show them something on TV and not watch it with
them so watch it with them practice with them just like my wife does or I do when
we're watching some TV shows with re in the morning and if we get excited about
watching that and we can practice with her and review those things then that
gets her more excited as well so anyway don't worry it's the exact same thing as
if you were an eye native speaker and learning to speak if you wait until
you're perfect you're never going to become a good speaker well Mama's going
to be over there but we got to finish the video so don't wait until you're
perfect to speak don't wait until you're perfect to start teaching someone else
again you just need to be one step ahead it's the same thing even for for me with
this business with me helping people learn there's so many things I didn't
know about teaching before I started but I just wanted to help people learn and
that's how I began anyway are you want to say bye-bye we have to say bye-bye
come on over come back here okay well we will see you again very soon again if
you have questions about how I'm teaching her or wanted to see more
specific things more reading or something like that but this is
generally how we do it we just find some time to practice it could be even one
minute we just have things like this magnet board or other letters or things
at different places around the house so maybe if I'm in my bedroom I have a wall
that I can do different drawing on and she does that as well but if you do have
questions and you enjoy this do comment below and let me know also if you'd like
to learn more about how you can improve as an adult learner you can click on the
link in this video to take our free quiz we'll help you learn more about that and
you're gonna give me a give me a high five we down low give me up high way
alright very good so if you'd like to learn more about that hand we'll be
releasing our app very soon depending on when you watch this video but it goes
exactly how I'm teaching her like this so it's exact same thing that anybody
can use anywhere so you can click on the link in the description to learn more
about that alright alright we're actually gonna say bye bye and then we
can play or do something else you ready okay say bye bye
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How I Teach My Daughter English - Teaching Reading, Spelling And Phonics

28 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on March 17, 2020
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