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ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the channel on today we have even more news surrounding called to the war zone.
So it turns out that a by the fans have accidentally been getting thrown into the war zone lobby, just simply like search for a match.
Then occasionally the game will just throw them into the war zone game mode.
And thanks to that, we now have a ton of details surrounding war zone and activation is not happy about that whatsoever.
In fact, the gaming revolution who most of you guys know is the guy who's been leaking cold to the news for years now.
But he's now suspended over on Twitter Activision win, and they shut down his Twitter because he was re tweeting and posting a ton of leaked images in videos of war zone.
But he now has a new Twitter.
If gasoline, go ahead and give him a follow.
His link is on your screen right now, as was down in the description.
Also down there, you're going to find a bunch of links to some videos and images of war zone.
They have been leaked, but for obvious reasons, I can't put them in today's video because Activision would be very quick to drop the ban hammer on my channel for posting leaked for the juror early.
I mean, if they're gonna ban him from Twitter proposing leaked footage, imagine what they're gonna do to a YouTube channel, Right?
Unfortunately, I can't show you anything in this video about put links to stuff down the description.
You guys go ahead and open them up in the brand new tab and follow along with me as we go throughout this entire video.
So it turns out War Zone will hold 200 total players, which is confirmed now.
We did see it in game.
It's going to have 200 total players, though ugly enough once you complete the training course, which everyone's going to have to go through the training course before they can play the game mode.
The game will then give you the option to jump into ATRIOs match, which is really weird, right?
This obviously means there's going to be teams of three, but in the leaked image right next to it, it shows a first person perspective of a player, along with three teammates in front of him, which seems to indicate that there will be squads of four in war zone instead of squads of three.
Given that the game is confirmed to have 200 total players dropping it on the map at once, it makes a lot more sense for there to be 50 teams of four, as compared to what 66 teams of three with one team of two doesn't really make any sense whatsoever.
But I suppose it's also possible that trios will be an option, along with duos, quads and solos.
But it's also entirely possible that what we see in that image link down below.
Once again, it's just simply a text aRer that will be corrected by the time war zone finally comes out.
Now, speaking of squads, there will be a squad fill feature, which means if you're queuing up so low or with one or two friends, the game will give you random teammates so you can compete in quads.
Which is, of course, a pretty basic feature when it comes to battery out.
But it's nice to see the Infinite board will be implementing that with the war zone game mode.
Now, one thing that they will not be implementing, However, at least as of right now is tanks.
Tanks will not be playable vehicles within wars.
Um, the current list of vehicles within that mode include the A TV, the SUV, the helicopter, the cargo truck, Andy Tak Rover boat.
Now, if you played blackout than all these vehicles should be pretty familiar to you.
They were all in black out back during black ups, or is things to see if they're going to be returning from war zone as well, especially considering how massive the map is going to be.
In my own personal opinion, blackout was fun, but vehicles were kind of pointless outside of certain game boats and whatnot.
You really didn't need the use vehicles because the map really wasn't all that big.
And vehicles basically would just give you away.
But with war zone having 200 total players, the map is going to be massive.
Blackout had 100 players.
This is going to be double that.
It's safe to assume that the war zone map is probably going to be twice as big as the blackout map or maybe even bigger.
So vehicles are going to be a big deal in that mode and we don't have tanks, which is definitely some very good news now if you flayed Apex legends, and you probably found that the pink system in that game was really good right ableto paying weapons and items.
But you can also paying the direction that you think your squad ugo.
It looks like a feature like that is going to be in board zone as well.
Though it may be limited to the squad leader and one of the elite menu images, we see that the squad leader Ping is on the legend.
So while I imagine everybody in your squad is going to be a loping items and ammo and things like that, it's entirely possible that only the squad leader is going to go to paying a direction.
Sword is similar to how the squad leader in the Battlefield games can paying objectives for their group to go ahead and take now.
In addition to this, there's going to be a bunch of daily and weekly challenges within more zone.
I re mentioned the daily challenges in my previous video, but weekly challenges ey're going to be in there as well and As of right now, they already have eight weeks worth of weekly challenges implemented in the game files, with six different challenges coming out per week.
As of right now, it's unclear what the bubbling system and war zone is going to be like.
We really have no idea.
As of right now and blackout, we, of course, had a merit system where you would get merits, forgetting, kills and placing within a certain threshold.
And then once you made the max level, of course you could prestige, but so far appears a warzone, maybe a bit different, thanks to these daily and weekly challenges.
And blackout challenges would give you merits or supply drops, but in war zone, because it's going to be part of modern warfare.
Presumably, it's not going to have supply drops.
So I imagine that all challenges ey're going toe aboard you experience.
So therefore, I really hope that they have a full prestige system, which includes a bunch of rewards for hitting different levels, like weapon variants operators to play as and things like that I've said before, and I'll say it again for me, at least when it comes to a battery out game.
The key to making it fun for people is to make sure people can enjoy the game even when they're not doing well.
If you're constantly working towards unlocking Campos and weapons and characters and prestige is and things like that, then in my opinion, you're much more likely to have fun with the game, even if you just simply drop in, get one or two kills and then die, right?
If your only goal is to get 1st 2nd or third place with any boundary out game, you're probably not going to have a ton of fun because it's kind of hard to consistently get up to the top three spots, right?
So as also have a robust prestige system and in a box system and a reward system within war zone.
I think people are really going to enjoy it then, just judging from how people have been trashing the officer rank system within multi player, I hope that in Finney board learn from that mistake and I hope that they decide to implement a proper for Steve just on four boards own battery out for right now.
That's pretty much all the new information that we currently have.
And as always, I will do my best to keep you guys up today as soon as we learn more about war zone.
But it comes to Season two.
I would like to Thurston here at the very end when it comes to Season two.
I must say that so far I'm having about fun now.
But here's what you guys think about it down the comments because I can't like I've only played on rust.
That's the only map that I've been playing since season's who started mostly because it's really fun and fast pace.
It's a bit more balanced than shipment, but there's also a bunch of spawn killing in that map as well.
But it's enjoyable to play on and I'm really enjoying bubbling up the battle pass and I'm locking the new weapons.
In fact, I just now actually got the growl in my last game by played, so I'm looking forward to bubbling that up and trying that out.
The striker, 45 looks like it's going to be really fun as well and I can't wait to see the new content.
I really can't mean war zone is one thing.
I am super stoked for war zone, that is, I think I'm gonna put a lot of time into that, assuming they take the time to actually pull shit and make it good.
But when it comes to the other season to content, that's going to be coming later on down the line.
I'm looking forward to the new maps as well as the new game modes, especially demolition.
That is a mode that for some reason I have just always loved in the cold to the franchise.
But for some reason, the developers could never seem to balance it all that well, like you guys remember all the spawn killing that would happen back in modern warfare to and black ops one.
And because of that, they always tend to just get rid of demolition.
If the game even has that all like it may come back, is a limited time mode in a certain cold to the game and then seems to go away.
For some reason, I hope becomes a modern warfare as a permanent mode.
I hope it was actually fun, but yeah, season two so far has been pretty great.
I'm definitely enjoying it that once again I would love to hear what you guys think about it down the comments section below.
But for right now, I'm going to wrap up today's video.
I hope you enjoyed it.
If you did, they're dropping it like Thank you so much.
You're listening.
I hope you guys all have a wonderful day.
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Activision is MAD! Tons of NEW "Call of Duty: Warzone" Leaks and Details!

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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