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  • white flag raised their often running in the PC Irish champion Hurdle.

  • And it's the gray petty mush war, setting off to make the running, followed by d'Arvor star running the railings charge on the outside in the light blue and white colors honeysuckle followed by Super Sunday.

  • And then Michelle, a Cock Adam on is on the inside of so glowy and at the rear of the field, coming to jump the first flight.

  • Batty canes petty mush Boris, followed by stable companion honeysuckle, who's yet to put a foot wrong throughout her career with d'Arvor star and charge a close up third and fourth and then Super Sunday, being followed by Michelle.

  • A Cock in the Orange Colors is flying the cross channel flag for Lizzy Kelley and Jane Williams, then Bali.

  • Kane's Adam on and said LA way heading away to their second flight.

  • And it's petty Moshe war tracked by Honeysuckle and then charge on the inside, keeping honey sucker any sights.

  • And then comes a Darfur star and charge a landed second there that that flight onto number three Penny Mush War.

  • David Russell in front from charge and Patrick Mullins in the disputing second with Honeysuckle and Rachel Blackmore being followed by d'Arvor Star and Jonathan more than Super Sunday Robbie Power.

  • Next on the outside than Comes Michelle, a cock on Lizzy Kelley.

  • And then comes Abdomen on Paul Town and on the outside, Bali Canes and Sean Planning and with the back marker making the bed to head down the back straight.

  • So Glory and Mark watch at the 10 furlong point, making the run into the back straight with five flights left to jump in the PC I artist champion Hurdle, Day one's feature of the Dublin Racing Festival in its petty Moshe.

  • More by length back in two seconds, Honeysuckle two and 1/2 lengths, then to charge with alongside d'Arvor Star and then Super Sunday on the inside is Mission Laycock, followed by Billy, Kane said, glowing a couple of lengths, too adamant as they passed the halfway stage.

  • Little changes.

  • Petty mush.

  • War continues to cut out.

  • The running leads half a length to 3/4 honeysuckle being followed after a couple of lengths of a break charger than Darfur.

  • Star Super Sunday Red capitally outside of Michela Cock.

  • The final three are so glowy Bali canes and abdomen away from that flight, which is a little over 3/4 of a mile from the finish.

  • And it's petty mush war followed by honeysuckle and then charger with behind them d'Arvor starting Super Sunday and Michelle a Cock and then said Low We Adam on and body case, making the run out of the back straight towards the second last flight.

  • They fight for longest ago, and it's petty mush war, almost joined by stable companion honey.

  • Suck it on the outside.

  • A length and 1/2 to Darfur stars running a good race after their spine and then charge a full it by Michelle.

  • A cock pushed along Super Sunday, then said low.

  • We had amount.

  • And these have left Valley canes coming towards the second last matching strides to it.

  • Petty mush warning Honeysuckle, followed by Tarver Star and Charger.

  • Super Sunday runs on on the outside as they turn into the straight towards the final flight in the PC.

  • Artist champion heard of petty bourgeois Round the Bend Honey Soccer.

  • She's right behind you.

  • And here she comes on the near side, racing down on the final flight, Honeysuckle and Rachel Black more hit the front from petty mush war, Darfur Star Shorter Super Sunday.

  • But it's honey.

  • Suck up the nature of the final night over Petty Marsh War is rendering his effort on the near side inside the final 100.

  • Judge.

  • Don't ever start under finishing Stuck.

  • Mia's Well died once the Honeysuckle racing's new first lady has won the Pacey I artist champion from diverse star Petty, Moshe War, Super Sunday, Ottoman and Sharda.

white flag raised their often running in the PC Irish champion Hurdle.

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