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as much as I adore Queen.
Actually, my favorite album from any of them is Barcelona.
Why do I love Barcelona?
It's so arousing and the melodies air so warming.
It's so soulful and it's got everything in this kind of classical gospel sort off Chinese e.
It's got everything that happened days.
It's both Japanese and French.
You get two for the price of one e way.
The power of the stranger inside me.
I love that one.
The fall embraced is what I imagine it must be actually like when you die and go to hell.
It's like your plummeting downward through the earth.
It's ridiculously dramatics to dramatic was wonderful once, right?
I was a BBC Andi I met Sir Tim Rice.
Andi was very excited to meet him and I said to Mom, you know, really big fan of your work and he said to me, Politics, I went nowhere.
I'm really I'm a big fan of your work and he said, You lying bastard, You really expect this from Rice and I said, Okay, look me in the eye.
So like he looked me in the eye and I said the boy had a way with words.
He moved.
He sang.
He entertained so naturally no gesture out of places.
Road in Life was clearly on.
These are the lyrics from The Golden Boy Andi.
He was quite surprised that I knew them, you know?
So I think it was quite impressed.
I didn't say I liked in Eric's, but I certainly need them.
How can I go on and guide me home in the last two tracks on the album and they run together on Dhe.
I think they're probably the most commercial songs on the album, in that they sound most like Queen songs.
But again, they're very sweet melodies, very soulful lyrics on dhe, just really appealing, I think, really nice to listen to.
One of the great things about the Sun Barcelona is that when a man united lost the European Cup final, I was able to sing it again.
I had this perfect dream.
Oh, what you have with Freddie Mercury, as is evident by this album, as is evident by all of his work, is an embarrassment of riches on dhe.
Sometimes you are so seduced by the brilliance on presence of his performance by the wonder of his vocals on dhe.
Just the swagger on dhe.
How seductive that is that you forget what a brilliant songwriter he waas on Dhe certainly melodically really rousing melodies all through his work on DDE.
Ah, I like him and I miss him.
I really wish I'd met him.
I but my dad met him.
My dad met Freddie Mercury.
He delivered some flowers to Freddie Mercury.
My dad was a cab driver, basically on dhe.
He used to work for Lindsay to Paul, who was a friend of Freddie Mercury's on a big singer in the UK in the seventies.
On one day, he was just told.
Take these flowers toa one Logan Place and he knocked on the door of Freddie Mercury.
Open the door in a dressing gown on, gave my dad a smile, said thank you to the flowers.
So my two favorite people of all time with each other.
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Matt Lucas on The Barcelona album (Freddie Mercury The Great Pretender)

8 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on March 17, 2020
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