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  • What is?

  • I are 35.

  • I are 35.

  • Refers to a piece of legislation that applies to limited company contractors.

  • If you are working for a client for your own limited company, and in reality, you work in the same way as an employee of the client.

  • I are 35 says that you need to pay employed levels of tax and national insurance.

  • This is known as working inside the scope of I R 35.

  • Many limited company contractors legitimately work outside the scope of I R 35.

  • This means they are generally in business on their own account.

  • Providing service is to a client on a contract for service is in this scenario.

  • They enjoy greater tax efficiency and often pay themselves a mix of salary and dividends.

  • Hates Jamesy carries out routine enquiries from time to time to check that companies are operating and paying the correct taxes.

  • During an I R 35 inquiry, HMRC will ask for evidence you have considered I are 35 and ask you to demonstrate why you fall outside.

  • I are 35 in the public sector.

  • It is the public sector body that is responsible for determining your I R 35 status, and it is the recruitment business as the feet payer that is responsible for deducting tax and an eye.

  • If you fall inside, I are 35.

  • This will also be the case of the private sector.

  • From April 2020 though he expects more business clients to be excluded from the rules at Pay Stream.

  • Our compliance team can assist you with all aspects of I R 35 from reviewing your contracts to carrying out a thorough analysis of your working practices.

  • Get in touch with our team today on 0161 93 0213 or via email at i r 35 at pay stream dot co dot UK to find out more.

What is?

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IR35 - what is it? | PayStream

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