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  • good evening and thank you for joining us.

  • We begin with breaking.

  • News of fifth case of the novel Corona virus has been identified in Canada.

  • B.

  • C's top doctor says a woman in her fifties has tested positive and a sample has now been sent to the national lab in Winnipeg for confirmation.

  • But health officials have not confirmed how the woman contracting the virus.

  • She hadn't been to China, but she did have family visiting from Wuhan.

  • The woman is an isolation at home and said to be in good condition.

  • This case is not unexpected.

  • It tells us that our system is working, that we're finding people that were assessing them safely in the hospital setting, for example, the things that we're doing every day to prevent transmission off influenza and the other bugs that we see this time of year are working.

  • Meanwhile, Global Affairs has told Canadians trapped at the center of the outbreak in China that a plane could be ready to leave Wuhan as early as tomorrow.

  • But there's no guarantee that everyone who wants to leave will be able to get out.

  • It appears there are more people wanting out than there are plane seats, and China says permanent residents will not be allowed to leave unless they're needed to accompany Canadian Children.

  • That's left some families in a state of limbo.

  • The Canadian government says it's doing what it can to help.

  • We have been advocating for repatriating because obviously I saw on the news.

  • I saw this family stories.

  • Obviously, everyone wants to do their best to bring all these people home.

  • However, I have to work with the Chinese health authorities.

  • New video from Wuhan today shows the chaos caused by the outbreak.

  • Hospitals are so overwhelmed that people are lined up outside waiting for help.

  • As of tonight, more than 24,000 cases have been confirmed.

  • The number of debt has grown to 492.

  • Most cases are in China, but at least 24 other countries, including Canada, are affected.

  • We'll have more on the virus and what's happening in China in just a moment.

  • But we begin with the Canadians waiting and hoping they'll be part of the airlift.

  • Abigail Beaman has tonight's top story when we can each have a child on our lap and not be taking up any additional seats, So there's really I can't understand any reason why it's not doable.

  • This email from Global Affairs Canada told Megan Millward she's short listed for the Canadian flight with her two young Children, but the family was devastated to learn Her husband, a permanent resident, isn't on the list, reads two kids there, too.

  • So I was kind of hard to believe it, and they get separate.

  • The family Canada maintains China will only allow Canadian citizens to leave and a primary caregiver for a Canadian child.

  • But not too.

  • We're going to continue Thio Press.

  • I understand there's a number of permanent residents would like to be repatriated as well.

  • My family just went on a vacation.

  • They didn't go over there to, you know, create a problem for anybody.

  • And it's really just kind of escalated into this national dilemma, and I just want my family home.

  • Permanent residents Daniella Lou and daughter Domenica are visiting family in Wuhan but live in British Columbia, where Canadian citizen husband and dad Monte gives born.

  • It's frustrated by a lack of communication.

  • They're not on the list for the plane.

  • I'm just trying to get my family whole.

  • I'm getting worn down by this, a little more than 300 people have asked for Ottawa's help to get out.

  • There is a larger number of Canadians asking for evacuation.

  • Then there is space on the plane.

  • That's why we have already got an option on the second plane, but no word yet on when that would come or who would be allowed on board.

  • Meanwhile, for many, being holed up inside small spaces for days takes an emotional toll.

  • We're just really tired.

  • We've been trying to campaign to get him to be allowed to go with us, and we're tired.

  • Those who got the shortlist email are told to make their way to the airport late Wednesday night for Thursday morning departure.

  • But even then, there's no guarantee they'll get on the plane.

  • Do two numbers and final approval for that flight to take off is still in China's hands.

  • Robin Abigail Demon in Ottawa.

  • The government chartered plane is now on its way to Hanoi, Vietnam.

  • Once China grants final approval, the plane will fly into the epicenter of the outbreak, Wuhan to pick up the Canadians approved to leave after taking off.

  • From there, the plane will stop in Vancouver to refuel.

  • All passengers will remain on board.

  • Any passenger who was sick will be taken off the plane for treatment from Vancouver.

  • The plane will fly to the Canadian Forces, based in Trenton, Ontario.

  • Once they're all passengers will be screened for symptoms and then kept on base.

  • Under quarantine for 14 days.

  • Will stay at a special military hotel at CFB Trenton, called the Yukon Lodge.

  • Everyone will be placed in their own rooms with families kept together in China.

  • Authorities air Taking more aggressive steps to try to get the outbreak under control In the gambling city of Macau, officials are now so worried they've asked that all 41 casinos in the city be shut down for two weeks.

  • So far, 10 cases have been reported there.

  • At least one of them involves a casino worker.

  • Elsewhere in China, officials are struggling to keep up as the virus spreads.

  • Here's Redmond, Shannon.

  • Forget about the numbers for a moment.

  • This is the real human impact of Corona virus.

  • A woman cries after being prevented from seeing her mother's body before it is driven away.

  • Authorities air now admitting the first patients to the newly built Wuhan Hospital and elsewhere in the city, community gyms and even convention centers are being converted into medical facilities for an ever growing number of patients.

  • The health system is struggling to cope with some people lining up outdoors to get treatment across the country.

  • Various tactics, including drones, are being used to remind people to wear face masks in Hong Kong and new type of protest after the first Corona virus death in the territory.

  • Health workers demanding all border points with mainland China be closed.

  • Leader Carrie Lam has kept three crossings open.

  • For now, I'm appealing to those who are taking part in dissection that less put the interests off the patients and the anti public health system above all other things outside of China, another cruise ship is in lock down, this time in Japan after one passenger tested positive for the virus.

  • The World Health Organization says this is not yet a pandemic, at least by its own definition, but it's asking the world to start cooperating properly.

  • I'm writing toe all ministers off Hells to request an immediate improvement in data sharing, and I said yesterday we can only defeat this outbreak with global solidarity, the W H O again criticized blanket travel bans against China, saying they only increase fear with little positive effect.

  • One positive note, though this 73 year old type patient described the symptoms as tough.

  • But she said she's fully recovered after hospital treatment.

good evening and thank you for joining us.

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Coronavirus outbreak: Ottawa working on getting permanent residents out of China

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