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Good evening. This is Mrs. Madsen at Jefferson Elementary. Tonight we will be
reading "This Is Not My Hat" by John Klassen.
This hat is not mine. I just stole it.
I stole it from a big fish. He was asleep when I did it.
And he probably won't wake up for a long time.
And even if he does wake up, he probably won't notice that it's gone
And even if he does notice that it's gone, he
probably won't know it was me who took it.
And even if he does guess it was me, he won't know where I am going.
But I will tell you where I'm going. I am going where the plants grow big and tall and close together.
It is very hard to see in there. Nobody will ever find me.
There is someone who saw me already. But he said he wouldn't tell anyone which way I went.
So I am not worried about that.
I know it's wrong to steal a hat. I know it does not belong to me.
But I'm gonna keep it. It was too small for him anyway. it fits me just right.
And look! I made it! Where the plants are big and tall and close together!
I knew I was going to make it.
Nobody will ever find me.
And that is the end of "This Is Not My Hat".
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SPS Bedtime Stories:"This is Not My Hat"

524 Folder Collection
黃詩方 published on March 17, 2020
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