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  • anybody.

  • There's just things being suspended.

  • I'm in Australia.

  • It's impossible for me to vote so it's the whip hasn't being withdrawn, its being suspended on.

  • I find that interesting because there are lots of MPs who take lots of weeks off during parliamentary time on the whip isn't suspended So I think what happened was that maybe the powers that be in my party I thought I was going to use my time in the jungle to talk about them on not about the issues that concerned me and interested.

  • May I think it was a kind of cautionary measure.

  • The then chief whip, who was Andrew Mitchell who was a CE you will be aware, had to stand down over the floodgates issue asked me because I'm quite rebellious on issues to do with Europe on Dhe, some other issues asked me what he could do.

  • Thio keep me happy and I told him that I would like a month away in November because all of my seven a half years I've never taken a day away in parliamentary time.

  • On other MPs take between a lot of MPs construction four and six weeks a year aunt, he said that was fine and that I could take the month away.

  • I didn't tell him what for?

  • Because I couldn't because I was bound to confidentiality.

  • But I did tell him what I was going to do would be quite controversial.

  • I find it quite disappointing now.

  • But now this spotlight came onto this that he has chosen a particular actual.

  • The support I gave him, joining his own particular troubles recently that his years to try and be clever with words and say that he didn't give me permission for this show.

  • Now, he didn't give me permission for the show, but he did give me the permission to have the month away.

  • Has been in office, set up in my hotel room on I've already being back at work.

  • Actually, what is overnight to you?

  • As soon as I got out the jungle, I was straight back to work.

  • It's interesting, actually, because some of the e mails and the stuff that I've seen what you've been overnight in the UK states, that I am not there for my constituents.

  • Well, actually, I worked right until the second I left.

  • I worked all the way through the summer recess.

  • I only have four days away during the summer when other MPs were abroad for four or five weeks at a time.

  • I worked all the way through the summer.

  • I did my surgeries right up to the minute I left on.

  • Any one person has booked in for next month's surgery, so you know, it's quite interesting.

  • Some of the flak that's being thrown at May just, I'm afraid, isn't true.

  • My office is being mined, my stuff of being working hard and I'm back at work already.


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